I had a great time in Miami recently. A lot of awesome sex. From muscle boys, to lean runners, to some cuddly bears. One boy who I had a good session was was 22 year old Bill. He came over for a session that involved fucking, throat fucking and some decent ass stretching. He’s a really nice guy and I had a good time. I think he was really surprised at just how close I came to getting my hand into his hole – it’s a shame he doesn’t live in NYC – I think that probably he’s three or four sessions at the most from taking his first fist. It was interesting – he’s clearly used to being in control and a few times during the session I needed to remind him of who was actually in charge. I don’t really like boys who try to ‘top from the bottom’  and see Masters as people who are there to fulfil their fantasies, rather than recognising the better experience is to give in and genuinely submit. Something for him to work on – not that I let him get away with it. 😉 His cock sucking skills were much improved by the end of the session. I love to teach.  😉

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