I had an amazing session last night with Ren…he arrived just after eight and left about two am. He’s in his mid 20s but is relatively new to kink. It was only his second time being mummified.  A very sensual session….which ended with me fucking until he couldn’t take anymore (followed by a little bit more).  😉  I’m afraid the photos don’t really capture just how amazing his ass is….just stunning!  A really beautiful boy.

IMG_5206 IMG_5214 IMG_5216 IMG_5217 IMG_5221 IMG_5222 IMG_5223 IMG_5224 IMG_5225 IMG_5227 IMG_5228 IMG_5229 IMG_5230 IMG_5232 IMG_5233 IMG_5235 IMG_5236 IMG_5237 IMG_5238 IMG_5240 IMG_5242 IMG_5243 IMG_5244 IMG_5246 IMG_5248 IMG_5249 IMG_5250 IMG_5251 IMG_5252 IMG_5253 IMG_5254 IMG_5256 IMG_5257 IMG_5258 IMG_5259 IMG_5260 IMG_5261 IMG_5263 IMG_5264 IMG_5265 IMG_5266 IMG_5267 IMG_5268 IMG_5269 IMG_5270 IMG_5272 IMG_5273 IMG_5276 IMG_5277 IMG_5278 IMG_5280 IMG_5281 IMG_5283 IMG_5284 IMG_5285 IMG_5287 IMG_5291 IMG_5292 IMG_5294 IMG_5295 IMG_5296 IMG_5297 IMG_5299 IMG_5300 IMG_5301 IMG_5303 IMG_5305 IMG_5308 IMG_5309 IMG_5310 IMG_5311 IMG_5312 IMG_5314 IMG_5315 IMG_5318 IMG_5319 IMG_5320 IMG_5322 IMG_5324 IMG_5325 IMG_5326 IMG_5330 IMG_5331 IMG_5332 IMG_5334 IMG_5335 IMG_5336 IMG_5337 IMG_5339 IMG_5341 IMG_5342 IMG_5344 IMG_5345 IMG_5347 IMG_5349 IMG_5350 IMG_5351 IMG_5353 IMG_5354 IMG_5356