As a prelude to this session, I met Cooper at the New York Bondage Club a few weeks ago, and we fooled around a little. He promptly lost my Soxster business card, and spent the next few weeks tracking me down. So he needs to be punished for loosing the card, and rewarded for his ingenuity. It was a very spontaneous session – it was just another day when he messaged me and I had some free time which is reasonably rare for me as I’m normally doing everything else one can do in New York. He had been to a bar very close to my house. I prefer sober boys to play with, I don’t like having to check who’s crazy, or having my psychopharmacologist and I discuss whether I’m perfect for you. I was originally supposed to play with another boy who had gotten food poisoning, but as he’s not here and I knew that it’s gonna be good to play with Cooper I invited him over. I am the one who knows how to make boys feel “I’m alive” but normally I need more notice. He arrived and I blindfolded him –  there’s a world that disappears when the hood goes on, and I become their sole  light in the dark. Cooper is a superboy, and the invisible girl/boy/master/mistress was being played by me. I stripped him down to his boxers and carried him to the bed. I dreamed a dance of me pinning him down and making out, before standing him up and starting to rope him up. He’s seen some of my previous work and asked “Didn’t I see this movie“. He likes to talk in sessions and I really enjoyed that.

When I start roping up a boy I rarely have more than a vague plan. You don’t know how it will turn out exactly – but that’s part of the fun and creativity. I’ve been doing this for a while and it’s going to be good and normally turns out ok.

The break between sessions left more time for making out. It was time for some mummification – his second time ever. I asked him about his favourite colours, and he listed a lot, before I asked him to make up your mind and he asked for purple. Unfortunately, I was out of purple and decided to use a transparent yellow, with red highlights. Looking at Cooper I thought it’s perfect for you, and I was right. When the tape went on over the cling wrap he clearly thought it was better than before when it was cling wrap only. He was all wrapped up, and before he could say ‘catch me I’m falling‘, I had pushed him back onto the bed. When he’s lying down and you do close up photos of the wrap, the yellow makes him look like some sort of miniature mountain range lying in my bed – living in NYC I miss the mountains. But then I’d see boys I’ve tied up in NYC and wish I were here. There’s always a song of forgetting, but hey, theres only so many seconds and years in a lifetime

After leaving him mummified for a while, I cut out his cock, balls and nipples, I enjoyed using the new silicon nipple suckers and watching the aftershocks when I pulled them off.

I finally stripped him out of the cling wrap, and proceeded to fuck him pretty furiously until he couldn’t take any more.

I turned off all the lamps in the apartment and took off his blindfold as we cuddled in bed as the light of the morning started to show behind the curtains. So anyway, six hours of playing came to an end. After so much sex and cuddling, why stay for any longer, if there’s a promise for another session. How could I ever forget to schedule another session with such an adorable boy. Maybe spending an evening wrapping up a boy isn’t normal, but it’s close to it.

Oh, and he has a favourite musical….which any show queen should be able work out….

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