Adorable Cooper had his birthday last year and had an amazing time…I hope you enjoyed his write up as much as I did.  🙂  He’s such a lovely guy and deserves nice masters to do terrible things to him, so if you’re visiting NYC and want an amazing boy to work over let me know (but I’ll want photos as proof).  🙂

On Saturday September 3rd I was invited by Master Jack (masterjacknl) and Master Derrick (muscle4) to a private, safe sex, no chems bdsm party. I woke up Friday in jersey city around 11 am. Had breakfast, went to the gym, trimmed my body,  then rushed to the airport to work a super bumpy flight to London. I get to the hotel around 10:30 I relax a bit, change, and catch the 12:00 bus, which was 30 mins late, to Victoria Square. Then took the tube and stopped at Starbucks.

Then at 2:30 I Joined Master Jack in the hoist club. I was greeted by master jack flogging a tall huscular sub boy. He then told me to strip and hold onto the rings attached to either side of the brick archway. I then got flogged for the first time. a serious flogging. Then a single tail whip. Then a cane. Then a paddle. Then spankings. The 2 other sub boys and I were then allowed to get drinks and walk around to enjoy the rest of the happenings at the hoist. Periodically we would return to master jack to see if he wanted us.

At 5:30 we got dressed and headed to his dungeon via a taxi ride that held 5. 3 facing the other 2. In the taxi he lifted my shirt and put nipple clamps on me. Then pulled down my pants and jock and shoved his foot in my groin. Then the tall huscular sub lowered his pants as well and I was instructed to suck him off. As I sucked him the clamps dug into my nips. Then we arrive at the dungeon at 6:00. We go inside and were greeted by master Derrick and the most intense playroom I have ever seen. period. Every toy you can imagine. A bed, 3 types of bondage chair/tables. 3 cages of varying sizes and heights. 2 automatic suspension hoists attached to the ceiling and a web made of rope covering the side wall. There is also a ‘wet room’ with showers, douches, toilet, sink. A sling. And a separate living room with couches lockers for personal items 2 fridges filled with water, beer, Cokes and energy drinks.

Master Derrick is who I was in contact the entire time and he took me by my cock as soon as I was undressed, cuffed my ankles and wrists, blindfolded me and, using a hoist and a spreader bar, kept my hands above my head. I was able to hold onto the bar as if I were doing pull-ups. Then he started with the flog. Very slow at first. Then progressively more intense. And more intense. To the point of my legs and hands almost giving out and him catching me. He continued for a little bit and hugged me close. The hugging was the hard part though. He would hold me strong and tight against his body… Which drove the nip clamps even deeper. Yes they were still attached. After my arms got way too tired for being over my head, he transferred my to the web wall so that my arms could be parallel to the ground.

Then master Derrick asked Master Jack for permission to remove the clamps and MJ agreed. The had been in place for an hour and 15 mins. Master Jack said would do it himself and he had a boy lined up to suck the blood back into them. I’m in pain. Knees give in and I fall into master Derrick. He is strong and catches me easily. Holds me while I recover, still attached to the rope web. Then starts working my balls. Squeezing them tapping them, hitting them. Progressively harder. And I’m amazed about how much I take. Eventually I cave and fall into him. Almost crying. Then he removed the blind fold and I find that what was 4-5 people has turned into 60 men of all shapes and sizes. He half carries me to the living room and gets me a water bottle.

That was the most intense session of the night. There is every possible scene happening in this playroom. It’s incredible. From fisting to wax, electro to suspension bondage. Ws and boot licking. And so many sound effects produced by the toys and guests.  I forget how many cocks I sucked. At one point a Dom asked if he could play with my ass and we tried but my ass wouldn’t get clean. So ass off limits. Then I just watched. Chatted. Met a bunch of people. And every so often a Dom would ask to spank me or something and I let them. Play continued will 11:30.

Almost before the end of play I got a chance to talk about the cages with master Derrick. I was referencing the big ones that people get in. But he understood cockcage. Well he pulled out his CB6000 and locks my cock. We hadn’t decided of it was just for dinner or for a week till the party in NYC. Either was my cock was locked before the party ended and every one was floored.

11:30 After the play time we walk to a Greek restaurant for dinner. There were 30 men, some in leather, some with their harnesses under their clothes, most just in street clothes are taking up the entire upper level. This restaurant went all out and served us so much food. Appetizers were already laid on the table before we got there. And then we ordered entrees. Everything was paid for (all 30 guests) by Master Jack. Holy shit he’s generous. Easily $1000.

Oh yea. So… I made A huge mistake before all of this. I told Master Derrick that today 9/4 is my 27th birthday….

The lights go out in the restaurant and out from the kitchen comes a beautiful, obviously thrown together, chocolate sheet cake with candles and everyone sings happy birthday to me. (Except only 3 or 4 of the 29 people remember my name so that part was kinda awkward but hilarious.)

But, i knew i wasn’t home free yet, master Jack asked for 2 of the tables be cleared and asks the kitchen for a wooden spoon. Master Derrick, who I’ve quickly bonded with, not only cause he’s holding the key to my cock, master Derrick announces his plan that I am to lay across the table on my stomach and one by one each guest gets to whack my ass with the wooden spoon. I freeze. What the fuck. I mean what the actual fuck. Like seriously. Are you kidding. Then with much encouragement I assume the position and the line forms. 1… 2… 3… 4… … … It’s so painful. 5… My leg kicks out and spasms. 6… I can’t take it. 7… Nope. Nah uh. Done. I stand up. announce I’ve had enough. Reminding the group I’m a novice. And the group is upset but understands. But another sub volunteers to take my place so everyone could get a chance with the wooden spoon in the middle of the restaurant. Damn this boy is a pain pig. I could never. Then we served up the cake and had coffee.

Afterwards Master Derrick invites us back to the play space for champagne. So we walk back and toast to my birthday. He unlocks the chastity device. And he replaces the metal lock with a plastic numbered tag so that it would easily pass through tsa and we agreed I’ll stay locked till the party next week in NYC.

5 flights and 4 Cities later. Let’s see what happens when I get unlocked at  New York Bondage Club on Saturday night. Master Jack and Master Derrick will be visiting from London.