Living in NYC for a while I was lucky enough to attend a few of the Beef Parties. I highly recommend them as being friendly fuck fests full of great guys. For more information check out

I met Bruce at a party and he became a regular fuck buddy until I met PB. Bruce is awesome and if you love fucking beary boys then this guy is perfect to fuck doggy style – his ass is just made for it.

And now over to Bruce to describe how we met…


Around May of 2016, I was laying naked at Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook, NJ for the first time. I’ve always wanted to be nude outside, and I had this almost religious experience that day where I realized that I was most definitely a nudist. Initially it was for the sexual thrill, but I realized that I just felt at peace being naked out in public with a bunch of other people, not all of whom are sculpted Adonises or Aphrodites (yes, I’m throwing some Greek mythology out there, deal with it!). It was a major confidence boost to be among all these different sized people, which was only enhanced by the fact that I finally took some control over my life and lost a good amount of weight and got into a healthier life style. So I was on cloud 9 in life, and how did my day at the nude beach end? I went home and innocently started looking up nudist places in the NY/NJ area, specifically for gay men. What I got was a link to the Bear Party in NYC and a link to a site with information regarding other group sex parties. Among those other parties was Beef Buds, but I’ll get to that in a minute. So I found the info on the Bear Party first and thought I was dreaming. I thought stuff like this only existed in porn, or at least for super model hotties in LA, but there was an orgy party in Manhattan for bears!?! You bet your ass I was all over that! The very next time I was able to go I hopped on the train and was there in an hour. I won’t go into a ton of detail here because my experience with the Bear Party has been OK at best. While I was planning my adventure into debauchery, I went through all the other parties online. I found Beef and it seemed alright. The Bear Party seemed like a much better time, especially because they happen several days throughout the week every week. Plus, Beef makes you go through a screening process which seemed like a hassle, but I went through with it anyway. Cut to a few weeks later and I discovered just how wrong I was! The Bear Party is all about sex and getting the fuck out of there, with little to no regard for you as a person, especially if you’re a bottom like me. Beef is so much friendlier and laid back, and the guys are a million times hotter, and many of the guys there are regulars and remember you for future poundings. It was at Beef that I met Andrew. On my second visit to Beef, we were crammed into a tiny regular room, which was a little off-putting when I found out. Unfortunately there was an issue with the suite that was booked and Brad, the host, was downgraded. So I was a little irritated by that and almost didn’t go. Thankfully I did! I believe I was being fucked doggie style by a guy named Felix when Andrew and two of his friends from Melbourne came in. I heard the Aussie accent and I knew I was going to be with them at some point that night. Cut to about a half hour later I have a guy blowing me (I think it might have been one of Andrew’s friends) and he casually tweaks my nipple, which gets me going every. single. time. He noticed immediately and went harder. I began sizing him up as I was getting sucked off. Tall, much taller than me (which is saying something because I’m 6’2”), and hung. Let me re-type that… HUNG! I had to have his massive member in my mouth, so after the guy was done sucking me I got down on my knees to worship Andrew’s cock. I’ve never sucked a dick as large as his, and I was in heaven. Eventually I had to take a breather. I got up and he gave me a smile and asked if I was a bottom. I said yes, trying to mask my eager enthusiasm. He said “Great!, I’ll be seeing you soon.” A couple of minutes later he was fucking me doggie style (which according to him is the best position for fucking my particular ass). And man can he fuck! He does this thing where he takes hold of my arms, kind of like holding onto bicycle handle bars, so he can go deeper. After a few minutes of a well needed pounding, we took a break. Another regular, Diego, fucked me for a little while, and then Andrew was back. This time I was on my back. From this position, I could see him begin to orchestrate the rest of my night. He commanded the room to put a cock in my mouth while he was fucking me. Everyone seemed a little intimidated by the control he exercised over my sexual liberty. Thankfully Diego was ready to oblige and proceeded to face fuck me while Andrew pounded me. Then another guy came over and took over for Diego. All the other guys formed a Greek chorus around me, jerking off to my pleasure. I just remember thinking to myself, “Holy crap, this is hot!” And then I remember thinking of a scene from Another Gay Movie where one the guys is having the time of his life and he screams “Queer as Folk, eat your fucking heart out!” That was me right then and there. At some point, Andrew slipped out and another equally well endowed guy slipped in. I was being spoiled at this point. Later that evening, Andrew’s other friend fucked me before Andrew took one last round on my ass, bring my total number of tops to fuck me up to 5 for the evening. We ended the evening with Andrew cumming on me before we headed out to the hustle and bustle of Times Square. He handed me his card for Soxster, and I knew I wanted to be featured on his site one day. We’ve had a few other encounters before he moved back to Melbourne, including a day at his place where he fisted me (hopefully he’ll share those pictures!), but I’ll always remember the way he stood in the crowded room above everyone else and how he took command of the night, and how he knew what I liked before I even knew. He’s also just great company and we ended up bonding over this random German musical (Tanz der Vampire, in case you were wondering) Well I must be off. I’m on a train heading into Manhattan for another night at Beef. I just wish I had another well-endowed, sexually savvy and scruffy Aussie to dominate over me 🙂