Story submitted by – let me know what you think. He’s “foryouandyourmates”‘on Recon. We haven’t met so if someone in Melbourne wants to do a session with him and submit a review of the quality of his throat that would be great 🙂

I’m a discrete, kinky sub guy who enjoys pleasing guys. Fit guys and tradies enjoy my velvet throat and sometimes my tight arse and a bloke straight from the gym or football / soccer dressed in their gear has me on my knees drooling to worship him. I have always enjoyed men’s socks and underwear smells. The whiff of a jock that’s been contoured to a blokes cock and balls for a few hours of exercise, with the scent of sweat and precum mixing together drives me mad. Tonguing the skin between a blokey guys leg and ballbag is one of my favourite past times. I am late 30s, reasonably fit and my ability to sub and worship men has never been questioned.

I have looked up at quite a few superior men from my knees with their cock deep in my throat or at their feet licking and adoring their sweaty socks clinging tightly to the form of their foot and am often moaning more than they are with excitement.
Sometimes I am servicing a masculine bloke, lying back with me pleasing him, sometimes a group of mates sharing me and now and then I am sent by a guy who appreciates my abilities to his mate as a birthday present. On a few occasions, one very hot tradie I have the pleasure of serving, sends me to partnered mates of his for their anniversary or birthday. A time I look forward to.

I met this very hot tradie when he answered an ad I placed to service a group of hot blokes and he asked me to attend his barbecue where I would be in the backyard in a washing machine box with a gloryhole cut in it, to service the blokes present. I leapt at the opportunity and the calibre of the men attending that occasion was very high. I got used to throating big cock that day. A hot summer day, hot blokes and big cocks erupting into my throat was a dream come true and he has kept in contact since.

There is one particular hot time with another group of blokes last year that I am keen to write about.
I was really horny leading up to the weekend and keen to service a group of guys. I couldn’t stop thinking of cock in my throat and how much I love to service guys and be given their old socks or jocks afterwards. I wanted to try my luck at being a bukkake boy for a group of fit blokes and worship their bodies with the hope of earning their old sports socks or maybe their yummy cock scented jocks.

Taking my time to write an ad detailing all of this, I took my chances and posted it, waiting horny and hard for replies.

It was an agonising wait and I watched sneaker and sock porn to pass time, imagining the buff young guys on the screen were answering my ad, having me between their legs and licking and worshipping their chiselled pecs or skater bodies. Me under their feet or throating their big cocks that strained against the restrictive fabric of their jocks. I thought of them holding my head and guiding my eager tongue to places they loved licked and sucked.

It was about an hour before I had a reply. The responder wrote that he and his ex and both of their current partners wanted a bukkake lad and loved to be worshipped. It was their first time doing this together and were wanting regular if I was as good as my ad sounded. They were aged 25 to 30 and wanted me to come to the house on Saturday lunchtime. I was to arrive and find the door open with a rubber hood inside the door to put on. They assured me that this was genuine and that they thought it would be hot to have me earn their old socks and jocks and would wear them to soccer to get them nice and scented for me. BOING !! I was rock hard and ready to do this immediately but it was only Thursday night. I managed to pass the time until Saturday and don’t know how many times I woke up thinking of it and had to wank to get my excitement down or get my mind back on my work.

Finally it was Saturday and I got to the area well ahead of time so I could enter right on 12 noon. I had gotten up early with excitement and clippered my pubes and prepared my arse just in case. I had learnt over the time that lots of guys just want to be deepthroated but get keen for more when they see my arse. Especially when I am there on my knees pleasing them and treating them like a king. As I like discrete guys who like me as their secret sub lad, I find that most of them like using condoms also and I am happy to allow them to plunge my hot hole.

I arrived nervously and worried that neighbours could see my stiff cock in my track pants. Maybe that hot guy in his shorts a few doors up washing his car would come and join in if it was noticeable….so it maybe wasn’t too bad if I couldn’t conceal my excited cock. Lol.

I found the hood inside the open front door as described and stripped off my track pants and tshirt as i had been told. Standing there in my long footy socks I got from my hot barbecue tradie and my jockstrap showing off my stiff 7 incher…i put on the hood to find it had only a mouth hole. This made me stiffer as i hoped they really were soccer playing toned guys as they had said in their reply to my ad. I was so excited I thought my cock would explode. It couldn’t possibly get any harder.

I heard someone approach me and say “niiiice” , taking my hand and leading me to a room where I heard other voices laughing and saying “good job” to the guy holding my hand.

He told me to get on my knees and put my hands on the legs of a guy sitting in front of me.
I felt around and there were four guys sitting on a couch and they were very fit and definitely fitted the bodies of soccer guys.

My ad had asked for sporty guys in gym or footy socks and they were wearing this.

Two wore long soccer socks and the other two with bigger feet wore ankle socks which i love also. I wished I had a nose hole on the hood so I could smell the sock scent of these four Adonis blokes.

I could feel that they wore jocks, which made me horny and the guy I was kneeling in front of had a hole cut out of the front of his so his meat was on display to the others in the room. I couldn’t resist leaning in and deepthroating his cock while he wore them. I could feel that his balls hung out another hole. Really hot.

I sucked on the big saggy balls and i could hear him moaning and his mates cheering and enjoying the show.

I went from lap to lap worshipping and sucking and licking their socked feet and was being licked and pawed at also. I was sucked and someone rimmed me.

I was so horny I was worried I would cum. Like a good sub lad, I wanted them to all cum and didn’t care about myself cumming and I definitely needed to hold my load back until I had pleased them and been dismissed. Or at least until I was told I could come.

There was very little talk except saying that I was a good choice and directing me what to do at times.
I was very glad to work hard at pleasing them and got 6 loads from the four guys and was there about an hour and a half.

I was given all 4 pairs of jocks and socks and led to door where I removed the hood and left very happy.
While being led to the door I was told I may be fucked next time and I felt my hole pucker up in anticipation.

I was floating with pleasure as I walked down the path to my car and having not cum, I was standing to full attention still. The bloke was still on his front lawn pruning a tree it seemed and I prayed that next time he came down to borrow a tool or something so I could lick his amazing legs and deepthroat his tool to the base also.

I drove home reflecting on the past hour or so and kept fingering the bag of sweat scented socks and jocks and stopping the car to sniff them. They were amazing. Lightly scented and not overpowering. Alpha male scent commanding my nostrils to them even after they were off the blokes. That’s what my very hot tradie tells me he enjoys….. knowing that he still has that control of me wanting to sniff his scent long after he has finished with me.

I had been so horny over servicing these four guys today that I could not remember how the plastic bag of their gear had even got in my hand.

It was an amazing session and all had gone perfectly. I did not care that I had not see any of them. That made it hotter. I had felt their fit bodies and licked them all over. I think I rimmed 2 but it could have been the one guy?

They all had excellent cocks and one was huge. Probably 9. Their cum tasted great and the 9 one I took really deep and he blew while full down my throat and kept blowing past my tongue. I didn’t taste any of that load. Just kept him there and squirting down into me. It was very hot doing that.
They had all cum down my throat or in my mouth and they encouraged each other to singly be sucked while the others touched and played with my body etc.

I don’t think they even touched each other……. It seemed all attention had been on me and encouraging each other to blow. What an ideal session that was. I couldn’t wait to get home and see what other responses I had to my ad and knew I would be checking mail constantly for the next contact from the soccer guys.

I didn’t have to wait long to hear from them……..