Cooper is one of my favourite Soxster boys – and he loves to travel. He recently attended CLAW – and event I’ve been hearing some amazing things about. Last weekend I was at IML in Chicago which is definitely sexy, but CLAW is quickly gaining a strong reputation for being both fun and educational.  Here is Cooper’s review of CLAW.

PART 1: Thursday- Welcome to CLAW

Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend, CLAW, is a charitable conference celebrating the kink community. I was scheduled to arrive on Friday but due to fomo, fear of missing out, I reached out to friends, looking for place in their rooms and found one. Sir Eric and I met several months ago and he offered a bed for the night because my hotel reservation didn’t check in till Friday. Between a 2.5 hour flight delay and an hour  train between the airport and downtown I  arrived to Sir Eric’s room around 11:30. Upon entering I find that we weren’t alone.

Nick was standing at the foot of the bed completely naked, freshly shaved head with a well toned hairy body sporting a semi hard on. He was standing over JJ who was tied naked to the bed on his back with his ankles and wrists stretched to each corner of the bed, blindfolded, connected to wires and surrounded by an assortment of toys provided by Sir Eric. I introduced myself and shook Nick’s hand but because JJ was preoccupied I greeting him by sucking his big toe. Side note: I recently discovered I really like feet.

I undressed while watching Sir Eric and Nick work over JJ. They started well before I arrived and JJ had already been through a lot, or so I’m told. After Sir Eric was satisfied, JJ was untied and Nick took his place. Nick enjoys CBT and His balls were crushed into a vice that was connected to an electro plate. The electro butt plug was inserted and the teasing began. Nick kept complaining about the music so Sir Eric devised a plan to effectively shut him up.

With the electro plug and ear phones inserted and the wires connected to both the electro box and the iPod, Nick was subjected to his own personal techno sound bubble with an electric pulse that zapped along with the music. While he drifted in his sub headspace Sir, JJ and I played with him; touching, caressing, licking and teasing. Then JJ and I stepped back allowing Sir Eric to have his own time with his new subject. JJ and I rolled around on the other bed exploring each others’ bodies and pressing all the right buttons. My nips began to respond and his were already in high alert. We were then invited back to work over Nick. Sir Eric and JJ reached climax all over Nick’s hairy body. Nick was then released from the restraints and he sent me over the edge with an arm around my throat and his hand on my nips.

Nick and I just laid there for a second as I caught my breath. We then cleaned off and chatted a bit and I learned that Nick and JJ have been together for almost 7 years and, like me, it is their first time to CLAW as well.Sir Eric, JJ and Nick all express interest in a bondage class, one knot: endless possibilities, being taught at Flexx Asylum and I decide to tag along the next day. After they left Sir Eric and I went to bed. It was going to be a long day tomorrow and we needed sleep.

Little did I know Nick, JJ and I became quick friends over the weekend and it’s all thanks to Sir Eric for inviting me down to stay with him for that one extra night. Even though I missed the party at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame I could not have been more satisfied with my welcoming introduction to the weekend’s festivities.