The third instalment of the adventures of the adventurous Cooper at CLAW

Part 3: Saturday- leather, rope and boots, oh my.

As much as I wanted to stay in bed I know I have an itinerary to stick to so I order room service and get ready for my next adventure. My day started with naked yoga in the main ballroom and by the time I got there the only available space was directly in front of the beautiful instructor, Mike Gerle. I wasn’t complaining one bit. Before the class class started I was recognized as the as the mouse trap demo sub from the previous day. Mike started the class by having us pair up and stare at our partner’s body and eyes and junk. After breaking the barrier we were led through a cycle of poses, concentrating on our breathing and focusing on our bodies. We then went back to our partners for assisted stretching. It was such a great way to start the day, so glad I got out of bed.  

The most affordable way to attend CLAW is to volunteer and my first shift was at the silent auction from 2-6 which gave me the chance to explore the Ericet. The first thing I look for was a new leather cuff because I couldn’t find mine while packing. A cuff on the right wrist marks me as a submissive and in this culture it’s all about proper Ericeting. As I was browsing through some shirts I heard a voice from the other side of a display, ‘Who’s going to help this old man up.’ You could hear the sarcasm and I was instantly interested, so I popped my head around the corner to find a handsome man being helped up by another boy. This man was slightly taller than me with red streaks in his hair, wearing a light weight long sleeve black leather shirt with the sleeves rolled up as to expose his tattoos. Then, without even noticing, I’m smiling and flirting with him hardcore. I’m walking around the booth acting interested in the merchandise but thinking of any way to engage him in conversation. it worked and we chat about the different between snaps and buckles. I hoped the conversation flowed naturally because I was distracted, mesmerized by his piercing blue eyes. Sure this guy has a red bandana tied around his neck, his tattoos are black and red and he has red streaks in his hair. Red, the Ericings of a fister. Not my scene but I want to know him more. But can’t now cause my shift was about to start.

I run down and find a quick lunch and as I’m stuffing my face Tom walks up and shows off a few of his new toys. As I’m eating Tom looks me straight in the eye and asks when can he get me in his ropes. I choke. I have been following this man on IG for months now (thiktool) and he wants to tie me up in a private session. So we make plans for the afternoon and I walk over to the silent auction. I get to the silent auction area and Bradley introduces himself as my supervisor for the shift. He then introduces me to Sir Andrew, who’s already started setting things up for the event. His biker’s cap gives him an air of authority that commands respect. I’d happily bend my knee to serve him. Sir Andrew and boy Bradley are friends and after witnessing a playful banter between the two I feel totally welcomed and start setting up the auction.

A young volunteer with a buzzed head in a grey tank catches my eye, he’s beautiful, definitely not a stranger to the gym. His name is Clark and the locked chain around his neck means only one thing, taken, by none other than Sir Andrew. The auction opens up and the volunteers stand to the side making sure no one steals anything. I started small talking with another volunteer about gear and underwear, where we are from and weekend plans. Just an honest, simple conversation. I never caught his name and he introduced himself as Timateo and I suggested, ‘oh, like the designer?’ To which he said, ‘yea. That’s me.’ As simple as that. I’m talking to a leader in the jockstrap and underwear industry. Slightly starstruck but after the initial shock we go back to pleasant conversation. Sir Andrew and boy Clark join us and we just pass the time with stories and jokes. Sir Andrew offers me a beer and boy Clark is sent to get them from their room and takes a knee to present the beer to his Master. Sir Andrew observes an old guard method to owning a sub based heavily on rules and protocol and I couldn’t be more envious of boy Clark’s position, made them more attractive.

The shift went by fairly quickly especially cause JJ, Nick and a few others came to visit me and I was introduced to new friends but I had to excuse myself to break the seal. Before I leave David, holds up his wrists to show his yellow cuffs, piss enthusiast, and follows me into the bathroom. He sits on the toilet and pulls down my pants, takes my cock into his mouth and looks up at me as to say he’s ready. I get hard instantly and start to piss. He drinks it up like liquid gold. I take it slow at first but I really have to pee so I get him to drink faster, pushing him but trying not to drown him. I finish and he releases my cock and catches his breath sounding like he’s run a marathon. I have made a new friend, wash my hands and head back to the silent auction.

Sir Andrew and boy Clark have such an incredibly powerful dynamic. It is obvious their connection is genuine. They really look happy together. That’s the type of connection I’m looking for myself so I’m not necessarily only jealous it’s just reassuring that those types of relationships actually exist. The entire time I just can’t keep my eyes off boy Clark. I mean it doesn’t help that Sir Andrew keeps petting his head and playing with him. So finally I ask permission to rub his buzzed head too and it’s granted. I may not know much about old guard protocols and rules but I do know that when a boy is owned, ask permission to do anything with him. Just out of respect and I had a lot of respect for Sir Andrew. As my shift ends David intercepts me and introduces me to his friends from the Chicago Hellfire Club; they invite me to their private party tonight. I head back to my room, shower and head to visit Tom.

Tom opens the door shirtless and ushers me into the room. His rope and toys were organized neatly on one bed and the other bed was clear for play. He wasted no time and had me take off my clothes. We talked limits, photography and then he positioned me in front of the window and got to work. I have never met a bondage Dom who is as sensual as Tom. He uses the rope unlike any other Master I’ve been with. It’s obvious that the process of tying is just as important as the end result. He drags the rope slowly across my body making me feel every inch of it as it binds me. He started simple then added layers. He pressed his body against mine to move me whenever he wanted to change positions for a photo. He made me feel sexy. He made me feel like one of his models from his Instagram. I felt so lucky finally being there in his ropes.He tried out some of his newly purchased toys. With every new position came an additional rope and a deep throat fuck, all the while I hear the click from the camera. He let me stew in my sub head space while he edged me with a vibrating sleeve. All of my senses are piqued and every inch of my body is sensitive and susceptible to his power. I’m sent over the edge and I shot my load hard. Luckily his timing was perfect and a towel caught my load saving his rope. But wait. It’s not over yet. He keeps jerking me off. Pleasure turns to pain. My toes curl and my eyes turn into my head. It feels so good but hurts all at the same time and all I can do is struggle against the ropes. Finally he let’s up, let’s me catch my breath and let’s me chill in the tight embrace of his rope.As he unties me and again, he is more focused on the process rather than the final product. He slowly slides the rope off, taking no shortcuts. He takes off the rope just as methodically as he put it on. After I’m fully released we have a short chat and head down for dinner. Once we pay the bill I head back to the Chicago Hellfire Club party. I don’t really know what to expect but walk in with confidence nonetheless.

The door opens and the suite is packed wall to wall with men in leather, rubber or nothing at all. There are a few pups with their hoods on and a showcase of jockstraps and boots.David greeted me and introduced me to several of his friends. Dave and his husband Kevin were absolutely beautiful daddies. If they made porn they would be millionaires. Both of them were tall and in great shape. Dave’s ass, I saw it earlier in a pair of tight pants, let’s just say so long as I have a face he has a place to sit. Hot damn. And you know the kind of nips that are constantly at attention and resemble erasers on the ends of a pencil? That’s how I’d describe Kevin’s nips. And they were hard wired directly to his cock. So fucking hot. I felt very welcomed at the party; spent plenty of time on my knees worshiping boots and cocks. While there I witnessed several scenes between doms and subs. This one sub was tied to the bed with his arms above his head and legs spread and he was having his balls beaten. At first it was with just a hand. Then it moved to a crop and paddle. And evidently no ball crushing scene is complete with a stop at a hardware store for a mallet. His cries of agony are still ringing in my ears but the kicker was is that he was enjoying himself. After he was released I got the chance to chat, and make out, with him. His name is Paul. He said he’s never been pushed so far and he absolutely loved that he was taken to the next level. I’ll get there one day. I’m sure. In the other room there was a sling set up. The bottom was laying with his legs spread wide and having a casual chat with another guy while his ass was being fisted. So casual and relaxed with an arm up his ass yea. I’ll get to that point someday soon too. Then I hear heavy duty pounding, I turn to see to guys punching each other square on the chest as if in a competition of who could hit harder. But they were absorbing the punches like energy fields and not letting up. It was incredible that none of their ribs were broken. I’m ok with not achieving that level of play.

At this point I am utterly exhausted so I thank my hosts the best way i can, boot licking, gather my things and head back to my room again falling asleep before hitting the pillow.