The fourth part of the irrepressible Cooper’s experience at IML

Part 4: Sunday

Boy Clark and I planned to meet Sunday morning for naked yoga which has been moved to a smaller conference room that filled up 5 minutes before class even began. Like yesterday we were told to partner up  and stare at each other’s naked bodies, I paired up with boy Clark which caused me to get hard and drip pre-cum. Mike Gerle lead us through a similar class ending on the partner stretches. Mike came by as we started the partner stretching and helped boy Clark achieve a deeper stretch while in the happy baby pose; I started getting hard again just watching. Class finished and we got dressed when I noticed I had forgotten my newly purchased leather cuff so I invited boy Clark to my room to get it.

When we got to my room I looked down at him, smile and pick him up off the floor and throw him onto my bed. I couldn’t help myself. I climb on top of him and we start kissing deeply and our hands explore each other’s bodies. I shrink down to the end of the bed pull off his sneakers and socks and start licking his feet. Press my tongue between his toes and bite down on his arch and heel. He’s loving it. He knows I like feet and his were beautiful. He turned the tables and threw his face in my ass and rimmed me as if my ass were candy and it felt so good. We roll around for a bit when I remember that he likes getting strangled. So I get him under my arm and put his throat in my elbow and squeeze. I cover his nose and mouth with my hand and he moans in approval. I can feel his pulse, his life literally in my hands. I count to 5 then release. He turns to look at me amazed that I remembered. So I took him again. This time 7 seconds. Then a third time, 9 seconds. Pushing farther each time. Finally I let him catch his breath but he climbed on top of me and started making out again. Then he stood up. ‘Come here and lay on the ground. I wanna do something to you.’ How could I refuse. So I jump up and lay on the ground. He looks down at me with a smile then puts his foot on my face. I open my mouth and stick out my tongue and he glides his foot across my open mouth then sticks his toes in and I get rock hard. We reposition ourselves next to the desk and he stands on my chest with one foot and put his other foot on my face, using the desk to balance. Looking up at this beautiful boy, full weight on my chest and foot on my mouth turned me on so much. I didn’t expect to love it that much but I was in heaven, and it wasn’t even noon yet. We finally get dressed and head back to the Westin. He needed to catch up with Sir Andrew for lunch and I wanted to meet up with Nick and JJ before they left for the airport.

Don’t know where I got the confidence from but today I decide to bare it all and wear next to nothing. I’m walking around the vender mart in a harness, a pair of underwear resembling short shorts with a cod piece and my boots with high socks. Nick JJ and I find a 2″ ball stretcher that I’d been looking for all weekend and I go ahead and put it on making my bulge protrude even further, getting me even more attention. I buy a 3 super cute tshirts as well. And with that my budget for souvenirs is blown. It’s sad to see Nick and JJ leave. I know I just met them 3 days ago they they were such a pleasant constant for the weekend. We met first in Sir Eric’s room, survived both of Master Darts bondage classes, drank and danced at the muscle boy party and just bonded real quickly. We exchanged numbers and are still texting quite frequently. And what really turns me on is that Nick has admitted that he feels a slight dominance over me and wants to see where it goes. So I started calling him Alpha which feeds his dominant fire even more.

After they leave for the airport I report for duty for my second volunteer shift, security. I put on one of my new shirts under my harness and am stationed near the elevators, tasked with checking badges of the attendees. At first it sounds boring but I have met so many people this weekend and every single one of them stops on their way in for a short chat. During the 4 hour shift I was probably standing alone for a total of 30 mins. I hadn’t met him before but there was one man who caught my eye. And luckily I caught his and he made his way over to me and introduced himself as Ken. Early 40’s a bit taller than me and very well built. His pecs, and nips, stuck out way beyond his waist line making it obvious he was no stranger to the gym. His arms pressed against this short sleeved shirt and his salt and pepper hair was perfectly cropped and groomed. Turns out we have a lot in common. He offers to bring me a drink and stands with me for a good amount of time. I introduced him to any new friends who stopped by to chat as well. Something about him made me really confident and comfortable. He left to get himself another drink and he returned shirtless and I was speechless. Yea we kissed, I smelled his pits, and I kissed his boots. And he even stood at my post checking badges while I ran to the bathroom.

Sir Andrew stopped by and  invited me to dinner that night to celebrate boy Clark’s birthday. Sir Tim and boy Bradley were also joining so how could I refuse. After my security shift I met up with them in the smokers den and sat with them as they smoked cigars. As a treat boy Clark got to eat some of Sir Andrew’s ashes. I’m looking around the smoker’s den and recognize a few of the faces and one face sticks out of the crowd. The tall leather guy with red streaks on his hair. I smile and wave from afar and he does the same and I think nothin of it. But as we get up to leave he rushes over to me and formally introduced himself as Karri and asks if I plan on attending the Kinky Kaberet talent show that night. I tell him I am and he tells me to look for him. I thanked him, agreed to look for him.

I caught up with Sir Andrew, Sir Tim boy bradley and boy Clark and the 5 of us clamored into Sir Andrews car and we go to Melt, a grilled cheese place about 15 mins away from the hotel. I sit between Sir Tim and boy Bradley in the car and Sir Tim sits with his legs spread claiming most of the space in the back but his dominance is a total turn on and I sit with my knees together as to not hinder his comfort. We get to the restaurant and get seated right away. In short, great conversation, great food and our waitress was adorable and it was her birthday as well. It was a good time.

Master Dart and Sir Zack have been in contact with me since earlier that afternoon hoping to get me after dinner but I wanted to see the Cabaret. I told them if I had time I’d happily come over before but I prioritized the show, since that was my main reason for staying through till Monday. The show was at 9:30 and we got back to the hotel at 8:50 so I ran upstairs to meet with Master Dart and Sir Zack asking boy Clark to save me a seat at the show in case it was packed. Over dinner Friday night I told Master Dart and Sir Zack that I enjoyed giving massages and working over the male body. And they wanted me to deliver. I get to the room to find Captor and Strongman rather than Master Dart and Sir Zack. Same people yes, but a completely different mindset. Because of our time constraint I asked them which one part of their bodies would they like massaged. Captor asked for his upper back then tied Strongman into the desk chair and laid down for his quick 10 minute massage. Then after I finished with his back I walked around the bed and sucked on his feet for a hot minute. I received much praise for my skills then he and Strongman switched places. Strongman asked for me to focus on his hips and lower back. Captor approved and I went to work. After about 10 mins I asked Captor permission to lick and massage Strongman’s feet and he approved. Lucky me. I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:30. So I was dismissed, got dressed and head to the show

Boy Clark pulled through and saved me a seat near the back and I only missed the opening act and but just in time for the MCs introductions and after the first few acts I decided I wasn’t sitting close enough so I left boy Clark and Sir Andrew and found another seat closer to the stage. There is so much talent in this community and I’m so glad that they have an opportunity to share that tonight. I then get a text from boy Clark saying that a man with the red streaks in his hair is looking for me and that I’m supposed to go sit with him. Boy Clark must have seen my head pop up looking like a prairie dog because then he sent me better directions as to where Karri was sitting. I get up between acts and find him sitting on the other side of the ballroom He greets me with a warm smile and a hug. Thanks me for joining him and we start chatting about cabarets from the past. Conversation is at a whisper but I still would rather be paying attention to the performers rather than chatting. Either way we chat till the end of the show and he admits to me that I’ve intrigued him beyond belief. He also says that he was extremely complemented when I cruised him yesterday in his store and that he didn’t remember the last time he had ever been cruised. Evidently I struck a cord and he wanted to know more. So I agreed to chat with him in the smoker’s den after the show so we could learn more about each other.

Before this weekend I didn’t know anyone attending CLAW but leaving the ballroom with Karri seemed an impossible task. He would get called over by someone for a short chat. Then I was pulled into a conversation in the opposite direction. My new friend Kody danced to a song from cabaret, Mien Hier. If you are familiar with the song you remember the part that the describes how wide the continent of Europe is. During that part he used very familiar hand gestures relating to hanky code red. Very clever.

We finally broke off and went up to the smoker’s den for a chat. He expressed his curiosity in me and was rather taken by being actually cruised by a complete stranger. I confessed that he’s absolutely beautiful and how could I not shamelessly flirt with him. We chatted for a good 30-40 minutes when finally we decided to take it back to my room for the evening not before setting ground rules. I admitted I can’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke and before he gets in my bed we will be showering together. I also, regretfully, said that even though he is decked out in red and a proud fister there would be no penetration tonight. And damn did I regret that decision. After getting an overnight bag from his room we made our way to mine. And finally we kiss, deeply, and start undressing each other. I want nothing more to be pushed on the bed and taken by this man. But he reminds me of the rules I set (this is why I’m not a Dom) and we head to the bathroom for a shower.

Lots of barriers are being broken tonight. I never have guys over to my room for the night and evidently he doesn’t like showering with anyone else because it’s too intimate. Yet here we were, showering with each other, hot water streaming down our bodies. I’m awestruck. He’s beautiful. I can’t resist so I start sucking his cock, just a little tease and at some point I get his ass in my face as well. So fucking hot. But I know we are both eager to get to the bed so I shut off the water and as we are toweling off I look up to see him staring at me. In the most sincere voice he tells me how beautiful I am and how I should be proud of me and my body. And he’s just looking at me with those piercing blue eyes and I’m speechless which is rare. I give him a full body massage including feet and ass. His beautiful cock finds its way down my throat and it feels so good. Then the power shifts and suddenly I’m in a deprivation hood. Only my mouth is exposed and he fucks my throat and it feels so good. It’s getting later and later but we don’t care. We are still exploring each other’s bodies and holding each other till finally at 5 am he leaves to get ready to drive back to MSP. I really wanted him to fuck me. I hate that I made that rule for us. That is definitely on my short list of regrets from the weekend.