Melbourne is a wonderful, kinky city. I’ve lived in several Australian cities, London, Toronto, New York and regularly travelled around the world. In terms of kink Melbourne is definitely ahead of New York, Chicago and Toronto. Not as kinky as Berlin, but they teach fisting in school over there, so it’s probably not a fair comparison.  😛

22 year old Slavepup just moved to Melbourne and I decided to make him welcome. I invited Grayson along to join the fun – when he first appeared on Soxster he was a teenage twink –  but he’s definitely developed his Dom side and is actually probably more vicious with impact play than I am. Don’t let him near your ass without adult supervision unless you’re prepared to have a sore ass for a week. I’ll post some photos from this session soon. During the session I was updating a Kik group chat with some young Melbourne boys who are into ass play. They were updated with photos and details of what was happening. Enjoy Slavepup’s experience. 

Hey there, I am Slavepup!
This outlines the event that occurred in my welcoming and initiation as a true Melbournian Slave. The people involved in this event are Master Soxster and Master Grayson.
Two amazing guys for whom I had the pleasure to serve, be abused, and be used by and whom I look forward to receiving further training from as I continue to grow in Melbourne as a person and slave.
Leading up to the events I had been talking to Master Soxster for a few days. He was very warm in welcoming me to Melbourne, inviting me to communicate with other like-minded individuals. It didn’t take long for our bond to grow and for me to quickly realise I would be serving as his slave in no time. A few days past and it was decided that I would be serving Master Soxster in the evening after he had finished work. During my journey to Masters he had been sending pictures of his very attractive friend ‘Master Grayson’
I arrived at his house a little after 7pm for which I received the following instructions;
1. Enter the building and buzz yourself in.
2. Knock on the door with your back to the door
3. Keep your eyes closed

Little did I know that was the last time I’d be seeing anything the remainder of the night.
My heart was racing, within seconds I was dragged into a stranger’s home. A new city, no one knew where I was. The only way I was escaping is if I were to please this new Master of mine.
He asked me how I was, I replied well thanks as my brain was frazzled. I was then shoved against the door and told to strip. Within moments I was naked in front of this stranger I had never met. To my embarrassment I had an instant erection. It wasn’t long before my first humiliation was to occur. Master wasn’t impressed with my underwear choice, my first mistake I was sure to pay for. We felt each other up for some time where he dressed me appropriately for service. A leather hood was secured to me for which my mouth was still free for use. A ball stretcher was added to stretch my balls. Finally a harness was added to complete my Slave uniform for the evening. I wouldn’t see such an outfit until after this evening was finished.
I was swiftly led down what seemed to be some narrow hallways. I could feel a tightness in my chest as I was led to where I’d begin my service. I was pushed to my knees where I was then forced to begin the service of Master Soxster’s Cock. What a cock it is. I begun to give Master a Blowjob when I was immediately criticised for my oral skills. “I’m going to need to train you in this area to reach my standard will be achieved.’ Already in my place I wasn’t achieving to Masters standard, feeling humiliated at this fact I knew it was going to be a long night.
Wack! Just like that I knew we weren’t alone. Remember how I told you about Master’s attractive friend? Turns out he was present and would be aiding in the use and abuse of me this evening. I didn’t know whether to be scared, shocked, happy or excited. As I good slave I just accepted my fate.
I continued to serve Master Soxster’s cock whilst being whipped and paddled from the sexy Master Grayson, I was enjoying myself. Although I moaned I consider myself quite a pain pig. I knew that I wanted to go far with these guys. I began to serve Master Grayson’s cock for which again my poor oral skills were punished and humiliated.
I knew I had to prove myself, the next set of events led to the turning around of my service.
I began with foot worship and massages. I adore feet, they are my favourite, the smell, the feel, I could serve feet for hours. Master Soxster commented that I was amazing at this skill and that I’d be back at the very least to service his feet. This made me feel good about myself and pushed me to serve harder. This then led me to my ultimate skill….. RIMMING! I rimmed like I had never rimmed before. I ate and treated the asses of my Masters with the upmost respect. I breathed into them deep and they tasted perfect. I could’ve worshiped them for hours. I believe this skill made up for earlier mishaps in the session. If only my oral skills were as good as the way I rim an ass. I live to rim Soxster’s and Grayson’s asses, I dream and wish to serve them again. I am owned by their perfect asses. This continued as it was quite pleasurable for us all. I felt so degraded and humiliated and happy that I had found my place and purpose. It was at this point I knew I was a Soxster boy. What happens next will intrigue you – there are many firsts that I have experienced. If you thought I was already red and humiliated you have another thing coming. It was decided that I step it up to the next level of service 😉 I was then lead to bedroom of Master, for which I was to be put into my first sling. I was shoved into the sling where I was restrained and trapped for my further torments. Grayson began to wack my balls pretty nastily. I moaned in pain, Imagine the yelp when you stand on a pup’s tail, it was kind of like that. There were also as I recall a few kicks to my exposed legs. I was probably the most vulnerable I have ever been. I was so excited to be in my first sling! No words can describe how I felt.
Next came anal play and stretching, this was my second time so I was pretty tight. Before I knew it I was into a deep head space with Amyl. Suddenly I felt something entering my ass. I had no control, had no idea what was going on, had no Idea what to expect. I just had to take it like a good slave boy.
Master Soxster started off with his finger and began to feel around inside me. This felt amazing, also quite intense. Master Soxster then proceeded to enter different toys in my anus. My moans became louder, I can’t describe it but it was pleasurable yet a little painful at the same time. I was actually able to identify one of the toys as being anal beads.
Master Grayson decided that he didn’t want to hear my moans anymore so I was swiftly silenced with his glorious ass and forced to eat it out deep. He also decided to throat fuck me to rocking back in forth slowly as toys were eased into my stretching hole. This continued for a while, during this I was humiliated, verbally too and treated like the bitch I am.
Meanwhile the group chat was being updated and enjoying seeing updates of my torment, often giving ideas to my Master. I was not only exposed physically but now on a digital level, there was truly no escape, I was and still feel I am at their will and mercy.
It was now late and time to finish the evening, a sad moment as I could’ve stayed for ever.   😛 …….