Ru is 23 and had  never been with a guy before.  He found and then tracked me down through Recon. He’s a sweet guy who wanted his first experience to have certain BDSM elements – I was happy to oblige.  I’m very proud I was able to give him an amazing first time.  In this own words:
First times in people’s lives are always special moments. Ones that stay in someone’s memories for the rest of their lives. Even though we know deep in our souls that doing something for the first time is something we truly want, there is always an element of fear and paranoia that comes with diving off the diving board for the first time. That was me. At the age of 23, I had never seen another person’s naked body, let alone get sensual and intimate with them. At the start of the year on a trip overseas I realised that I needed to make a jump, so I installed Grindr and tried my best to build up the courage to meet another man.
6 months down the track, I had been active online trying to find a person to have my first time with, but nobody seemed to be the right person. Being 23, there was an expectation for me to know what and how to do sex, but I didn’t. So I kept looking around and I eventually stumbled upon The content and knowledge on the site was amazing and from that point on I knew I wanted to meet Andrew. From his posts I knew that he was in New York, I also found out about Recon on this website and quickly installed it in the hopes of finding a Dom that would teach and show me the way. A week into using the app I find a familiar user and started up the chat. What happens next is still a blur, but I’ll try to do my best. It’s the least I could do for Sir Andrew.

Walking up the street to his apartment, my mind was racing at a million miles per hour. My brain was telling me to run the other way. What if it was a trap, what if I wasn’t good enough, what if someone finds out. Even though all of this was running through my head my feet still kept walking and before I knew it, I was at the front door to the apartment complex. Sir knew that I was approaching and dropped his keys down to me so I could go up to him. The keys were attached to a pair of underwear and I covered my face with them and breathed them in, my first time with another man’s underwear. It was clear from that moment that I was there to serve him, I was his toy and it was privilege to be serving him tonight. As I approach the door I know that it will be my last opportunity to chicken out. I could leave now and pretend nothing ever happened. Or the first times could keep on rolling. I stood gazing at the door for 5 second. I close my eyes. Knock. Knock. Knock.

The door opens. Sir turns me around and puts the blindfold on me. For the next 3 hours I would only be able to touch, feel, hear and smell. My visual senses, the only one I’ve used to arouse myself for the past 10 years of my life were completely blocked out. I was speaking with sir before, letting him know that my only experience with sexually was porn in front of a computer screen for 10 minutes. Nothing more. Tonight was going to change all of that. I’m guided through the door and I’m forcefully pushed against it. I can smell his minty breath on my neck and feel the dominant presence that he is on my smaller body. I expected everything to be quick, but here he was, just slowly running his hands around my body breathing down my neck and rubbing that bear body onto mine. Then, a smooth velvety tongue started licking my ears, it took me by surprise but I was in heaven. The goose bumps and fear evaporated and I knew that I had made the right decision. Tonight was going to be an amazing night.

Slowly but surely my shirt was taken off, it was a cold night so I had a lot of layers on, but it wasn’t a barrier for sir. Then he went straight for my nipples, slowly licking them and blowing his breath onto them. It was extremely ticklish because I was so sensitive, but the arousal that each lick bought was incredible. It’s amazing how much arousal you can get with just hands and mouth. My pants were still on but sir’s hands and mouth running all over my body gave me feelings that not even the best porn video could. Then my pants were taken off and I was instructed to take my shoes off. Off came the underpants and to my surprise I wasn’t hard. I was embarrassed because I thought I’d be hard for the whole session. I was instructed to close my eyes once again once a hood was placed over my head and a harness placed around my chest. A few pictures were taken and out of nowhere, I was pushed forcefully into a leather chair.

From that moment on, everything becomes a blur so I’ll just recall as much as I can. Sir started feeling my nipples and licking my balls and cock. The sensitivity of them was incredible as it was the first. He was telling me what he was doing so that I could do the same to him. Fast and slow, vary it up, use your hands, don’t bore the cock. Even though I was in heaven it was important to remember my objective and that was to please my master. Finally it was my turn and I finally got to touch another man’s cock for the first. It was big and chunky. His balls were huge and sir assured me that I would be disappointed with the other cocks that I would suck in the future. But I happily obliged. I remember trying my best to keep my mouth moist. All of the body licking and kissing meant that I had no more moisture left in my mouth, but I still needed to please him. I wanted to ask for a glass of water, but I knew there I needed to continue to serve. His cock was in my mouth and I was trying so hard to put into practice what I had just learnt. The most vivid memory would be chewing on sir’s foreskin, it was so thick and long and I was instructed to chew it like gum, which I did. I also bit down oh sir’s cock and even though I was hesitant at first, I eventually understood the pleasure of it and applied the right amount to satisfy him. I think I did an average job but sir thinks I’m doing alright for a first timer. Sir then stood up and rammed his dick down my throat. Everything from this point had been slow and all of a sudden sir rammed his dick up my mouth and held it there. It was amazing, but I was worried that I would throw up on this floor. From there, I was hoisted up and led to his bedroom. My cock was still flaccid at this point and I didn’t really know why.

Sir lifts me up and throws me onto his bed, he tells me to put my hands on my ankles and expose my virgin ass hole. I then get grabbed by two powerful hands and being told that this is what it would feel like if I was getting fucked by him, with sir ramming his torso into my arse. I remember screaming for him to shove something up my ass and before I knew it I was suspended in the sling that I had seen so much of on his website with cold KY jelly running down my tight asshole.

What happened next was the most intense part of the night. Sir expertly found my prostate in an instant and began massaging it hard. I remember screaming and pre cumming so much that I felt like I was a water feature. The feeling of having a finger inside your butt for the first time is so weird. At the same time I was aroused but I was also feeling like I was going to take a dump on masters bed. I was hesitant but the immense feelings of pleasure made me want more. After the massage master comes up to my face and I beg for his cum. I knew I wasn’t up to his usual standards, but I had hoped I did enough of a job to get him hard enough to cum. He asked me where I wanted his cum and I told him I wanted to taste it in my mouth. Unfortunately, it landed on my chin, but I remember quickly using my free hand to scoop as much as a I could in my mouth. My first time tasting another man’s cum. I used the rest of the cum as my own lube and even though I was so close to cumming, master teased me and instructed me to only cum when he told me to do so. By some miracle, I obliged and when he told me to cum, the load that came out was incredible spraying in every possible direction.

We cleaned up and master put my clothes back on and pushed me out the door. For 2 hours I didn’t get to see anything, being completely blindfolded for 2 hours in masters room. I had a lot of first times that night and even writing this, I still can’t believe what I have done. I’ve been chatting with sir and hope that I’ll have enough experience soon to lose my ass virginity to a muscular alpha male who will treat me like the sub boy that I want to be. To those that are reading and may be too scared to try bdsm, I recommended you jump off that diving board as you won’t regret it!