As many of you are aware, since I’ve been living with PB I’ve cut right down on playing with others. When you have a perfect boy in your bed every night who cuddles at an Olympic level it removes the desire to be regularly playing with others. Since the moment I met PB in 2016 I haven’t fucked another guy – and that’s something that means a lot to me. Of course I’ve throat fucked, fisted, tied up and abused boys, so it’s not a particularly noble sacrifice. Nonetheless it’s important to me to have something that is just between PB and me.

I’ve had the pleasure of working over many awesome people over the years, and it’s important to recognise that there was a strong social element to this. My desire to play with others was as much grounded in the desires to maintain friendships and social connections as it was for actual sex. So I decided to establish a monthly play party.

When I created the party, and was putting together the guest list, I actually started with envisioning the vibe I wanted to create. My desire was to create a friendly party with lots of conversation, good laughs and a fun time. A party with sex, rather than a sex party. And I’m happy to report that I think I’ve been successful. 🙂

A typical party involve between 12 and 15 guys – aged 18 to early 40s. The evening starts with everyone fully clothed talking, drinking, flirting and eating pizza. We’ve had people playing video games (Mario Kart has been popular). I’ve been careful to introduce new people to the group gradually – so that we have a core group every week who know each other. As a result conversation flows really easily. One of the best compliments was that someone said “at most orgies everyone’s sitting around looking at their phones but that doesn’t happen at yours”.

I’ve even had people who weren’t able to stay for the sex (due to an early night or other commitments), who have dropped by to hang out before people got naked. I know it sounds weird that people come to a sex party to just hang out, eat pizza and leave, but I think that speak volumes about the social aspect of the event. At the last party one of the guests was having his final party before he turned 20 a few days later so we had a cake for him. 🙂

The friendly, light hearted atmosphere we’ve created, doesn’t mean we don’t get up to some kinky things. We will have people in rubber, in bondage, mummification, fucked, tag teamed as well as awesome cuddling and making out. The sling gets a workout.

It isn’t an orgy in the sense that you have a massive pile of bodies. There are a lot of little scenes happening everywhere across the apartment which is great. It generally runs four of five hours (or more if it’s not a school night).

Ralph Waldo Emmerson said “Go oft to the house of thy friend, for weeds choke the unused path”. He probably wasn’t describing group sex, but I think the theory stands.