At the February play party a cute Canadian backpacker from Vancouver attended. He’s never been fucked, or fucked anyone. He identifies as an oral bottom (and has blown couples before) but has never actually seen guys fuck in real life before. So I wasn’t sure he was going to turn up – but he did. And I’m glad he did. This is his review…before he left the hot cock of Australia behind for the cold Canadian winter.


After following the Soxster account for some time, I became increasingly curious of being involved in one of the parties that Andrew hosted. The gangbang one seemed really hot, but my real desire was to be on my knees and suck a few cocks. Andrew made that desire a reality. I arrived at 5:55 pm as I did not want to be late. The thought of walking in late to something like this where everyone would have arrived before me seemed more terrifying. When I walked in I was greeted by the few guys that were already there. More and more people arrived as we all tried to make small talk. The guy sitting beside me was very friendly and we had some great discussions. You could tell the room was full of respect and just a bunch of guys wanting to have fun but also there to take care of eachother. After a while of small side conversations, we were asked to take our shirts off. It was relaxed and there were no judgements. I may have admired a few of the guys bodies around me, but it was such a chill and relaxed environment that everyone’s was still very cordial. Shortly after we were asked to take off out pants, followed by our underwear. I was a hit hesitant to walk around naked. This was the first time I was in a room with more than 2 guys. I’ve always thought of going to a sauna but have never worked up the courage. This was getting real yet I felt comfortable enough to oblige. Looking around the room, I noticed a few guys had disappeared. When I turned my head, Andrew was there to pull me off the couch and guide me to the attached room. The room had a sling in it and was a sight to behold. A few guys were sucking eachother, while others were already fucking. This was the first time I have seen anyone fucking and it was awesome to see the passion and lust they had for eachother. Andrew knew my desire to suck and be submissive, so he instructed me to get on my knees and suck. He tested me out and then let another guy use my mouth for a bit. This was awesome as there were still so many guys around. After sucking for a bit we just cuddled and watched the others fucking and sucking on the bed. Looking around, everyone was slowly jacking off or getting it on with someone. By the end of the night I had tasted 5 different cocks and watched some super hot fucking. Even some three-way fucking. One of the guys was like a dream. Watching him be fucked and sucked by guys was turning me on. He ended up beside me, when I wasn’t sure how to get his dick in my mouth. I did some ackward movement indicating at his dick and he just smiled. I got on my knees and sucked him until he grabbed a hold of my head and guided it up and down his beautiful long dick. We made out a bit and his smile warmed my heart. He asked me if I liked his dick and I said yes. I got to suck him a bit more through the night. Some guys finished their business and went to the couch area to relax and recuperate for round two. Others slowly packed up and left as they had commitments in the morning. I was not sure what to do, but felt like I had had enough fun for my first time. I slowly started getting ready as well and left after saying thank you to the host and a goodbye to some others. Thank you Andrew Soxster for organizing the night and permitting me to be a part of it. Always wanted to try, and felt safer being so far from home. If I’m ever in Melbourne again, will hopefully be able to catch up.