From a first time attendee….

Coming into a space where you don’t know anyone with the objective to have sex with people you don’t know can be super daunting. However coming into Soxster’s space was pleasantly welcoming, people would politely introduce themselves to you and converse with you and as you felt comfortable you could join in on the array of arms, legs, holes and dicks that were just as welcoming.

Nobody made you feel inadequate or shamed you for any timidity, it was a social event just as much as it was a sexual one and I met and made friends with some people I definitely intend on staying in contact with.

Seeing hot guys making out and sucking dick was the perfect start before I started pounding the hole of a boy lying in the sling moaning and begging with ecstasy at every thrust of my cock in his stretched hole. And then face fucking another boy while he got his ass fisted, gagging on my cock as his hole got wrecked was unbelievably hot.