Trevor is a great guy – and recently had some adventures in America. I hope you enjoy his write up as much as I did. He’s a very talented young man! Looking forward to seeing him at a future party and posting some pics of his 20yo ass in the sling. 😈

I’m Daniel, a 20 year old blonde haired cub, this story happened when I was 19. I’ve known Andrew for a few years, he asked how I’d been late last year. I was facing some problems with my work and was about to go on a 6 week trip through America and the Pacific. When I told Andrew what was going on, he gave me a lot of great advice but one of the bits of advice he gave me was get some big cock in you, and boi did I take it 😉 this is that story. I had just arrived in Hawaii for a week, I was staying in the middle of Waikiki the second leg of my trip after LA. I was still down from work when I remembered Andrew’s words echo through my mind. I had just taken my prep when I jumped on grindr and saw who was around, an unassuming profile jumped out to me, “military boy” 24 (125m away) I received a message, “wanna take my big fat military cock”. My spirits were instantly lifted, I said “sure” and he sent me his room number for the hotel next to mine. I was scared, I snuck away from my family at lunch when I walked through the lobby only 100m from my own hotel, I didn’t know what to expect. Upon arriving I was greeted by a 6 foot 5 African American hunk with a short buzz cut and his pants around his ankles, his cock uncut swung between his legs like a pendulum, with real command he said get on the bed and take your pants off boi, I proceeded to take off my pants nervously before I was pushed onto the bed, there was no kissing, he lifted my legs up over his shoulders and plunged his 9” cock straight in my hole, I yelped, my mind was racing but I quickly got use to the new invading member inside me. He continued to thrust harder and faster, his big shaved balls slapping my ass, it was a feeling of pure ecstasy. Suddenly I felt a rush of warmth in my ass, I could feel the load slowly dripping out my hole as he pulled out his cock slowly. He slapped my ass and said get out. This only lasted 5 mins but boy did I have a huge smile on my face, and Probably wasn’t walking straight. Later that day I realised my credit card had dropped out of my pocket so I messaged him. “Do you have my card” “Yes come and get it slut, wanna take my friends’ cocks?” I quickly replied “absolutely.” I made my way over only 2 hours after my previous visit. It felt ominous walking through the hotel lobby again, I knocked on the apartment door and was greeted by 3 hung black cocks. Two 26 year olds both cut joined the first guy – they all had buzz cuts and all were muscley All 9” +. I was stunned in the moment and didn’t know what to say or do, when one of the guys grabbed me and pushed me onto the bed. “Is your load still in him” “I doubt he got rid of it”. It was in that moment I felt a cock slam deep into my ass bigger than the last one, I could feel the warmth of him as he pushed his cock as deep as he could. I could feel his abs resting on my stomach as he was balls deep inside me. I tried to yelp but my mouth was quickly made useless by another huge cock invading me. I was so scared but so excited at the same time being used by these sexually agressive military guys on their weekend away from base. This lasted about 30 mins, each taking turns making me squirm. Words can’t describe the feeling of 3 hung guys blowing load after load in you. Each slapping my ass and fucking me as hard as they could to assert there dominance over my teen ass. Each guy quickly blew their load in me with the one exception forcing his cock down my throat and watching me struggle take all his cum. He just kept forcing his cock deeper and deeper until I swallowed every last drop. When I walked out of there, I felt like I had achieved something, I’ve been in a few threesomes, but this was something special, I felt liberated. Andrew gave me some great advice and it definitely was the highlight of the trip.