On my quest to become a better submissive and slave to a master, I went back once again to Master Andrews apartment. For the past 3 days I had been begging him to tell me what we were going to do to me, but he remained tight lipped. I was learning to be a slave and I would do whatever it was that he would see fit. Anything that I wanted to do, or that would give me pleasure was an obvious afterthought or a reward for being a good boy. I was my masters bitch and I needed to learn that fast.

The session lasted four and a half hours so I don’t want to take up a lot of time to explain in detail everything that happened. The feelings of worthlessness, the eagerness to please sir and the things that I had learnt in those four hours would literally take me days to write up. So I will therefore focus on the three major hi lights that make me horny still thinking about them today; being tied up for the first time, my prostate massage while high on poppers and fisting masters hole.

Being helpless, bound and blindfolded in someone else’s bed is a unique feeling. Unable to determine time, unable to see your surrounds, you begin to take in your feelings and other a lot more. Master had locked me into a leather harness device that bound my legs and hands to my body, unable to move or see I was only able to feel masters thighs with the tips of my fingers. I craved his body and I wanted to touch him and serve his cock, but instead I was bound there in the dark while master replied to his emails and went about his day. I could hear the clicking of the keyboard and smell his body next to me but that was all that I could ever do. I felt so slutty and disgusted with myself, here I was in the presence of sir, not important, not worthy of worshiping his great body. It felt terrible, but also incredibly arousing at the same time, a hard to describe feeling. I had never been bound before so when I’m horny I’m always able to grab my cock and give it a nice tug, but being restricted, I was unable to do any of that and it made me so fucking horny. Being bound really teaches you to understand your position as a slave, you are only there for master and he dictates what you can and can’t do. I thank sir for using his skills to tie me up so I couldn’t moved. I didn’t know how long I was in that position for, it could have been 10 minutes or an hour, that was the beauty of it.

Poppers was something completely new to me and sir was great in exhaling and inhaling the substance from my mouth first so that I could get used to the effect before I took hits right from the bottle. Once ass play began, sir shoved one of his fingers into my ass and told me to take a long hit. I took in as much as I could and when sir told me to release he gave me the most intense prostate massage in my life (mind you this was only the second time I’d had it done). The feeling from the massage and the rush from the poppers left me sedated in sirs bed. My head was gushing and my dick was throbbing. It was like the feeling of having an orgasm for a minute, but the intensity of the orgasm was at least 100 times more. People usually talk about an out of body experience and I wasn’t able to fully relate until that moment. The feelings were so intense that I lay there shaking after the effects wore off, it was by far the most intense sexual moment of my life. Sir knows exactly just what a sub boy craves and what buttons to push. I know I didn’t deserve it but I thank sir for pushing the right buttons for me.

Finally to end the session, I was offered the opportunity to play with sirs hole. Since my hole was not playing nice and could not keep up with what sir wanted to do, I was offered to opportunity to learn how to please sirs hole instead. I’d never played with anyone’s butt before and the added difficulty of being blindfolded made it hard to put on gloves and actually find where the hole was. I’m sure sir had a fun time looking at my clumsy pathetic self fumbling around in his bed. Once my gloves were on, sir then explained to me the differences between KY Jelly and Crisco. Crisco sir tells me is a solid oil that has a low melting point, generally the same as the temperature of the human body. As I prepared my hands to enter sirs hole I was afraid but also excited to give the man who had offered me so much something in return.  I tried to find sirs prostate and give it a massage, but it became clear that I was too inexperienced to find it on my first try. So slowly I went playing around the hole and then slowly inserting fingers deeper into the rectal cavity. One finger, two fingers, three finger… it kept going until sir murmured that my hands were small (like Trump maybe?) and that I should try to go for the whole fist. I’d read a lot about the ass ring but I never thought much of it. When my hand was in sirs ass, I could feel the ass ring pushing back, but when sir would take a hit of poppers the ring would open slightly letting in a little more of my fist. It was a delicate balancing act making sure that there was enough pressure so that my hand would not slip out while also not putting too much in so suddenly to give sir any discomfort. Finally after many tries my fist went in. I could feel the ass muscles tightening around my hand and I honestly thought my hand was going to be crushed in sirs ass. All of a sudden sir says out and I slide out my hand with no resistance at all. This was interesting as I didn’t realise that it would be so easy to take my hand out, given the difficulty of putting it up there in the first place. Finally sir asked me to try fisting him one more time while he jerked off. Once again taking popper hits, the ass ring slowly opened up until I was once again inside sirs whole, but this time sir was on the edge of cumming. I could hear the intensity of his jerking and his moaning and my fist entered his butt at the exact right moment. As sir began to ejaculate I was instructed to pull out. What followed were moans that rivalled the very best gay porn videos I had seen, this was followed by heavy panting and a non evil laugh, sir told me I was a good sub. I was still blindfolded at this point, but I was so glad that I was able to give sir the satisfaction that he had given me. I was a good boy and I had pleased my master.

I can’t wait until I get to see sir next time. I told him I was going to write this up a bit later, but it keeps playing in my mind so I thought I would share it with all of you. I know my writing is quite long so I would love some feedback as to how you found my first entry and this one. Also, if any of sirs muscular alpha male friends are reading this and are interested to take my ass virginity, please let me know ;-).