Ru’s fifth session…well let’s just say his ass is like a peach…..a bruised peach when I was finished with it. This is from 2017.

So here I am writing up my fifth encounter with Master Soxster. If you’d told me that I would be doing this two months ago, I would have thought you were crazier than the people that still believe that our earth is flat. Alas, here we are with my urges to be used and abused growing stronger everyday. Master Soxster’s gigantic member has an amazing ability to wave it’s magic and persuade his boys to keep coming back. I would compare it to a magic wand, but that would be an insult to its size and girth (which is the same size as my wrist).

I will preface this write up by saying that after this session, I fell very ill and was out for 2 whole weeks. After clearing all my work and commitments, I have only recently been able to write up this whole report, so my selective memory may have omitted or emphasised certain parts of the session given that it was so long ago. Additionally, I had a quick session with sir the day prior which I shall include in this write up also.

A day before my 5th proper session with sir, I enquired about another session during the week before sir jetted off to New York for 5 weeks and left me all alone. Working at night, it is very difficult to schedule times with someone that works normal business hours. So it was decided that I would quickly pop over to sirs apartment for a very short session of cock worshiping. Sir had a different idea and before I knew it, my ass was riddled with bite marks and my hole had been stretched quite a fair bit. During our session, sir had to go get a delivery from the front door (taking literally hours so it seemed) and I may have taken off my blindfold to have a quick peek around the room in which I had only felt for the past four sessions. It was nothing like I imagined it, being much smaller, organised and better lit than what I had envisioned in my head. I think I’ll pay dearly for this confession, but I thought I’d better come clean as sir finds out about everything. Sorry sir, please forgive me and punish me how you see fit.

The session the next day was the first time when I actually understood the sadistic side of BDSM and the first in which raw sexual emotion started to take over and I was finally able to let go and enter the sub space.

Prior to that session, the sessions that I had had with Master Soxster had always been playful and almost tutorial like. I’d learn about cock sucking techniques, how to please different people and get introduced to some of the toys that sir had in his collection. All in all, I was a complete novice at not only BDSM, but also sex and sir had been spending a great deal of time to bring me up to speed. When I watch BDSM porn on the internet I sometimes see subs in extremely painful positions, be it being spanked until blood is drawn, or things shoved up someone’s ass at their obvious displeasure and pain. I watch these videos and I always get jealous thinking about how these people can actually resist the pain just for the pleasure of their sadistic masters. I didn’t think I could ever be in their positions and actually want to come back for more after I had been in so much pain. Fortunately for me, I would soon find out exactly what was going on in the minds of these sub boys.

During our sessions, I told sir that I didn’t want any marks left on my body. Thankfully sir compiled and asked me if he could leave a mark on my butt cheek as a memento from the last session we had. I complied and sir gave a gentle bite that left a very faint mark. Unfortunately for me, the bite healed within a matter of hours, while also giving sir a strong liking for biting my butt. So the very first thing that occurred during our session was sir making sure that the marks would last, and that I wouldn’t have trouble finding them given that the bite marks would be all over my butt this time around. The day prior, sir had already left a few bit marks on my butt. The bruises were still there the next day and sir made a very solid effort to bite over the bruises that he had left the day prior. Needless to say, it was excruciatingly painful and not at all pleasant for me.

As I lay there blindfolded and helpless on sirs bed, I wanted to scream my lungs out and tell him to stop, but I didn’t. I kicked, screamed and bit hard into sirs pillow, but the response to my obvious pain was met with sir holding down my flailing limbs and biting harder against my bare butt. I felt hopeless, afraid and in so much pain and I was very close to pulling away and telling sir to stop, but something in my brain switched in that moment and all I could concentrate on was the pleasure that sir was having through inflicting so much pain onto my body. From that moment on, the pleasure of my master was all that I could think about. Over and over again in my head I would recite that I was nothing but my masters fuck toy and he could do anything to me that he saw fit. I had entered my subspace and the world around me almost seemed to disappear away. The raw emotion from the pain really got to me and I started to cry for a very brief moment.

Even though I was crying, sir didn’t stop biting until he felt that he was done with me. It was only then that sir came around and gave me a bear hug, a gentle kiss and the reassurance that I had been a good boy for him. After feeling so much pain and emotion, it was extremely emotional to be cuddled and cared by someone that had inflicted so much pain on you only moments before. It was in that moment that I started to understand the beauty of BDSM and the reasons why people can accept so much pain and still come back for more. Masters can be sadistic, but they can also give you such a comforting feeling after going through such a physically tormenting experience. You would think that such an experience would end such a fascination for bdsm, but it has kept me longing for more, giving me a hard on everytime I think about the pain.

Still raw with emotion, it was time for me to take a buttplug to stretch my ass further so that I could one day take a fist. Sir inserted a butt plug into my hole and I was instructed to worship his cock and play with his hole. I was tasked with shoving a very large butt plug up sirs ass and also had to fist him like I had previous sessions. Luckily this was all a very easy task and the amyl that we had both been using worked it’s intended purposes. Having a buttplug inserted up my ass before doing the same thing to sir was very informative. I was able to feel how the ass ring reacted to getting stretched and how slowly or quickly I could put in the plug, feeling for the breathing of the ass ring and slowly pushing it in when the ass hole was used to the change and relaxed.

However during all of this, the buttplug that I had in my whole kept on slipping out due to my body movements and my ass muscles wanting to push out a foreign object that was causing so much discomfort. Every time my buttplug fell out I felt like an absolute failure and a pathetic sub to such an amazing master. Here he was giving me an amazing time and I couldn’t even show my gratitude my keeping my buttplug in my hole. It got to the point where sir thought the plug was too small and upgraded it to a larger size. This was much worse and I was forced by sir to shove the buttplug right back in myself and continue with worshipping his body. I felt so tired and useless and before long, sir decided that it was time for me to be punished.

With the buttplug far up my asshole, I was instructed by sir to push the plug out of my butthole. This in itself was already an excruciatingly painful and humiliation experience. Here I was in my master’s bed trying to pass a butt plug out of my hole. It felt like I was taking an extremely long and hard dump right on masters bed and the pain felt intense, but relieving at the same time. As soon as the buttplug came out of my hole, it was forcefully shoved back in without warning. It felt like that long and hard poop had just sucked itself back where it came from. It hurt like hell. My ass was not ready and the pain and surprise from the sudden intrusion back into my asshole hit me like a tonne of bricks. Then it was time to do it all over again and again. When sir had finally had his fun, I collapsed in pain, relief and exhaustion on his bare body. I was in tears once again from all the pain. Once again I was gently caressed and told that I was a good boy. For all the pain and suffering that I had endured, the reassurance of my submissiveness and the sirs touch was more than enough to make me want to do it again one hundred times over.

Being a submissive is a very strange thing. The amount of trust that you need to give your master is immense. Losing your sense of sight, being tied up in helpless positions and never knowing exactly what is going to come next can be extremely scary for anyone that is used to having control of their lives. Having sessions with Master Andrew, that sense of trust is tested every single time, with the amount of pain an unknown being dialled up a notch every time we meet. While blindfolded and tied up spread eagled on his bed, that trust was once again put into question. “I would never do anything to permanently hurt you right boy?”, is a phrase that you don’t want to necessarily hear when you’re tied up and unable to move. As I squirmed and begged for mercy, my mind was running at a million miles a minute at the thought of what sir was going to do. How was he going to hurt me, how much would it hurt and how sadistic is this guy actually? I was scared and there was nothing that I could do about it. I just begged for mercy and prayed that what he had in mind wasn’t what I was imagining, needles. My fears were heightened greatly when I saw pieces of metal out in the corner of my eyes. Here I was helpless and about to get skewered, one of my absolute worst nightmares. It was at that moment that I accepted my fate and put all the trust that I had into my master. Would I die, would I bleed or would my body go into shock? I really had no idea what would happen but I was scared to my absolute wits. Thankfully, the metal things were sounds and sir was unable to find all the proper equipment to go through with it all. Crisis averted, but for the first time I felt genuine fear and was pushed into something that I was unsure of and really did not want to do.

BDSM is a lot of fun and heightens sexual arousal for people that get turned on by it. But there is so much more to it than meets the eye. The psychological as well as physical torment that goes on plays together very well and creates a sense of emotion that is out of this world. The feelings that happen during these sessions are sometimes so intense that animalistic behaviour begins to take over and the idea of alpha and beta males begins to play a very strong role. Getting hurt physically in life and is something that we all as humans try to avoid, but for bdsm, many people run towards it willingly and show off their marks and scars like medals of honour. It’s only when you finally experience these pains and raw emotions that bdsm starts to show its true form.

Sadly it will be at least another month before I am able to play with master again, but the last session that we had together was nothing short of phenomenal. Surely there is no way he can top this. But then again, I’ve already been proven wrong 4 times.