Another story time!

It has been nearly a decade since the last time I’ve been to sir’s apartment and damn was I nervous and anxious for going to his “pizza party” as I haven’t been to one before and have always wanted to tick that off the bucket list. 

Prior to the meeting time, I went to Mannhaus to restock on poppers, headed to sir’s place a bit early for parking and once I got up to his apartment, I had a warm welcome feeling that assured me that it was going to be ok and all I had to do was relax and enjoy my time.

Skipping forward a bit, quite a bit of guests started coming through and there were some cuties there and man was I glad to have put my social anxiety aside and took a dive into things. 

Once the party started and the pizza has been devoured; sir tied me onto his wall, blindfolded, spread out, exposed and naked with just my locked cock hanging and ass out (later observation shows a similarity of my position to soxsters logo).  

Sir took the paddle to my cheeks and gave it some color as others took their turn adding a tone to it while dare I say I was in a slight state of bliss?

When sir unshackled me and removed my blindfold, the rest of the environment unfolds itself. In the same room where I was shackled up there was a pup getting fed bones left and right on the sling and in the corner, there were guys fondling and going at each other; this all happened while I was recovering from what felt like hours with my hands tied up against the wall.

Being my first time at a party, it was quite overwhelming but there was a sense of joy as everyone was having a good time and basically enjoying each other’s company at its purest form I guess? Looking around, alongside the array of flogs and paddles, Sir had a lot of toys to use, including an array of sounding tools and even an electric wand which I found very intriguing. After being on my knees and getting my oral fix while pondering who took down turns taking go’s at my ass and making it stings and tingles, I went into the common area to get a drink and catch myself on what else is going on.

Over the course of the next few hours, there were cocks being sucked all over the place, slings chain clinking and I had my fair share of polishing some tools, as well as taking some more paddles on my bare cheeks, but no penetration was done for my behalf which wasn’t deal breaking? But just leaves more to be accomplished the next time.

At the time of writing this I was straining and leaking hard lol and so looking forward to the next pizza party 🙂