Ru and I had great chemistry. I think that part of the reason for this is that because I was his first sexual partner I was able to mould his tastes and training to what I like. 😛

I invited him to come and play with Master JJ (a young master), a hot muscle boy and I. One of the interesting things about the muscle boy was that while he was pretty, with a great body and decent cock, he was a terrible playmate. This is the session where Ru discovered that looks aren’t everything and that star fishes are boring. 🙂

I was asked if I wanted to do the honours of stripping the new boy. But like the scared and sexually inept boy that I was, I chose instead wait in Sirs lounge room while he inspected the new boy and felt his body. I remember looking to Master JJs face in absolute amazement at what was going on barely 5 metres away from me, thinking that the dinner I had must had put me in some weird hallucination that I needed to snap out of. To my surprise and dismay, Master JJ barely looked up from the computer work that he was doing. Looking bored, he told me that he’d seen it a million times before and there wasn’t anything in it for him. I only understood afterwards that he was only really into hurting boys or getting fucked by them. As a newbie who was still learning the ropes, this new boy was of no interest for him at all. Master JJ and I are the same age and the sexual experience that both of us had in our lifetimes couldn’t be further apart, it was very clear that I was had been missing out. 

After hearing the continued rubbing and banging of body parts against the wooden door,  I soon mustered up enough courage to take a peek at what was going on in the next room. The anxiousness and the fear that paralysed my body was ridiculous. In my head, I told myself that this was everything that I had ever fantasized about, a really good looking boy with a phenomenal body, blindfolded and ready to submit. This new boy had the body that other boys (well at least me) would stare at in the locker rooms, hoping that one day he would do whatever I wanted. He wasn’t muscular and bulky, but a really lean body with a low body fat percentage that really highlighted his abs. It was more of a naturally gifted twink like teenage body, rather than a well built gym body. All my fantasies were literally playing out right in front of me, but I so petrified that I was barely able to instruct my body to crane my neck around the corner to get a proper look at what was going on.

I had no doubt in my mind that Master Andrew had played with many hot boys before, but the boredom on his face and robotic nature of his movements were something that really astounded me. As someone who had been on the receiving end of all of this many times before, I was extremely surprised to see how auto-piloted everything was. Rub this, kiss that, whisper here, it was very clear that Master Andrew was conducting a very finely tuned choreographed dance that he had perfected over the many years of his experience as a BDSM Master. The juxtaposition of experience was very apparent and while Master Andrew and Master JJ had a very ‘been there, done that attitude’ my jaw was touching the ground in absolute amazement at this point. As Master Andrew slowly stripped the new boy, I slowly inched myself closer to the action, fearful that a wrong or sudden move would destroy the moment and ruin the night forever. I didn’t know what to do or how to act and it was extremely nerve wracking.

Sensing my presence, Master Andrew beckoned me over and told me to feel the boy up while he went to get his cock ready for servicing. I was extremely nervous at this point and momentarily lost my ability to follow instructions and orders. Sensing the fear, Master Andrew grabbed my hand and ran them across the boys torso, I was in heaven and before I knew it, my hands were all over his naked body. I breathed in his scent and rubbed my hands all over his body, it was incredible and the submissive mindset that he was in made it all the more better. Before long, I was instructed by Master Andrew to strip down myself so that all of us were naked and ready for what was to come. As soon as my ‘straight boy underwear’ hit the floor, Master Andrew instructed the new boy to get on his knees and suck my cock. In an instant, a feeling of self concussions ran through my body like a cold shiver, was my cock dirty, is it too small, will he be disgusted? It must have been funny for sir to see the little dance that we were both doing. It didn’t connect in my mind that he wasn’t able to see my cock in order to suck it and I was too paralysed with all the stuff that was happening that I didn’t think to guide his mouth to it. Eventually my cock found his mouth and he began sucking my dick.

To say that the cock suck was underwhelming would be an extreme understatement. As a guy that was neither a jock not a closeted gay during my late teenage years, I had always thought that everyone of my similar age would be a lot more sexually experienced than I was. You hear about high school bro jobs or random cock sucking during camp and think that a boy that has been sucking cock for more than you would be alright at it. To put it simply, I was expecting it to be one of the most incredible blowjobs of my life, not a big achievement given the fact that I had been acting as a submissive cock sucking bottom during my time as a boy so far. Boy oh boy was I wrong. Once the new boy finally found my cock, he just let it sit there, no tongue, no bobbing no nothing. It was as if I had chucked a pacifier in his mouth and he had gone to bed like little baby… It was not great, most probably one of the biggest sexual disappointments in my life so far. Luckily, I was with the greatest master in the world and nothing would keep the mood damp for too long.

That moment very much set the mood for the night. Instead of being an active participant in the session, the new boy was very much going to be a hot object that we would be playing with for a short amount of time. Soon after, Master Andrew instructed both of us into the bedroom where the session was going to continue. Unable to relay the information of the disappointing blowjob to sir due to still being in a state of shock, we moved to the bedroom where Master Andrew instructed the new boy to pleasure both of our dicks. After it soon became apparent that the new boy wasn’t going to properly suck our dicks, Master Andrew got to work using the boy as an object, rather than a human being. Rather than actively looking to please the other two people on the room, the new boy just lay there and expected to be stimulated. Master Andrew would instruct him to suck his cock, but he would do so and retreat to a feautal position hoping to be hugged and caressed. When he was touched or hit in a painful manner, he would winch in pain and show off his displeasure, rather than rolling with the punches to please his master. Maybe it was because he was hot and was expecting his sexual partners to please him, but as a submissive faggot boy, he was doing a very bad job. It was quite annoying to watch and soon enough all he could do was touch his own cock. Luckily Master Andrew asserted is dominance and told him that he could only touch his cock if he allowed him to. So followed the endless stream of “can I touch my cock sir” for the rest of the night. But as the old saying goes, it’s no skin off my nose and the lack of interaction meant that I had to make up for it, while also getting to play with a basically inanimate hot boy. Fine by me!

So began one of the most intense parts of the session. Master Andrew and I were laying down on either side of the boy with the new boy being sandwiched in the middle of us. So we both got to work of feeling him up, playing with his nipples and tormenting him how we liked. This all culminated with master Andrew and I making out on top of the new boy. It was incredible feeling and definitely a highlight to the whole session. The best way to describe it would be to say that I felt like his partner in crime. When Master Andrew attacked the new boys right nipple, I would do the same to the left. If he bit down on them, I’d do the same. The boy must have been in absolute heaven from what we were doing, but it gave as as much pleasure as it did him. It was great fun and I definitely see the fun in group play with a blindfolded boy. I would however, also happily take the role of the blindfolded boy to be used for pleasure by a couple of doms. In that moment, I felt like an equal to Master Andrew. However, he must have got the hint and before long, I returned to being the sub boy taking orders from my master.

“Rim his ass”… the words that came out from Masters mouth shook me right back to my place. I was being instructed to put my mouth onto someone’s ass that I had only met less than an hour ago. Was it dirty? Would it smell? Who would get off doing such a thing? Surely Master Andrew was joking right? But then I heard it again “Get down there and rim his ass Ru boy”. I obediently complied and before long my tongue was deep inside this boys asshole. To my surprise it was all quite clean and didn’t taste too much different from say licking a nipple. Once I knew that my tongue had navigated around the danger zones, the act of rimming a hot boys ass was actually quite a pleasurable experience! The temperature and texture of the asshole was completely different to the rest of the body and it was fun letting my tongue explore and feel around in it. What was also fun was seeing how far I could get my tongue up the butthole, with all the resistance of the rectal wall, it was quite a fun challenge to see how far I could get my tongue up there. What was not a pleasurable experience was the lack of feedback that I was getting from it all. As someone who had ever rimmed before, it wasn’t clear at all whether or not I was doing a good job. Instead I just had to rely on what I thought I would like and roll with it. Soon after, Master Andrew instructed him to moan at my rimming, but the feelings were gone, everything felt a bit fake and I wasn’t really sure whether or not I did a successful rim job.

Finally, it was time for the new boy to cum and like all the other times, Master Andrew instructed the boy to grasp the bed railings with his hands while we pinned down his legs and played with his prostate. There was finally a positive reaction and the boy was finally moaning in pleasure, getting rid of all his fears and inhibitions to finally enjoy the moment. It was a great feeling, and one that Master Andrew had no doubt had the pleasure of seeing quite a few times. So we took turns fingering him and playing with his cock while he moaned with pleasure and before long he was ready to cum. I was instructed to blow him and extract his load with my mouth, with the end result of swallowing all of the cum that the new boy was about to spray out. Not wanting to ruin the moment (but also as a cum hungry whore) I complied and before long, I had a nice hot load of cum in my mouth. The session was finally over and it was time for the hot boy to dress up and go home.

Playing without a blindfold was a very interesting experience, one that varied differently to being on the other side of the blindfold. During the session, a lot of misconceptions about the sexual experience of different people came to light and I was proven very wrong about how hot boys can have hot hot experiences and thus be good at sex. Hot boys can suck at sex and it was something that I kinda wasn’t prepared for. It was also interesting to see how different dynamics work out and how things can suddenly change from begin equals to a dom/sub scenario. Even though there were times that I felt like Soxsters partner in crime, he would realise almost instantly and throw me back down to where I belonged. As a sub, I absolutely love that feeling and the psychological fall from someone who was in control to someone who was following instructing was a really great experience for me. Finally, the importance of communication within sex was really poignant for me once again. When you enjoy or hate something, it is really hard to tell unless there is a verbal signal from the person who’s receiving the favour. I was always told my soxster that this was the case, but to be on the other end of the situation really put things into a much better context.