Ru’s write up of his first sauna visit 🙂

I had just had an extremely bad week and a night with Master Andrew was something that I had been looking forward to since my day had gotten worse in the afternoon. I’ll spare the details, but there was some crying on public transport which was extremely embarrassing. Nonetheless, Master Andrew knew exactly what I needed and told me to trust him and to take my mind off everything and just enjoy what he had planned for me. Emotionally drained and exhausted after a really long day, I arrived at Master Andrew’s house and was greeted to a very warm and reassuring bear hug. As a Master who is used to bringing down emotionally unstable subs after a physically and emotionally intense session was something that must have been second nature and even though the situation was different, the emotional bond of a hug really helped to dissipate all the negativity and doubt that had been clouding my day. It was as if he was absorbing my problems away with his hug and I just felt extremely warm and safe in his embrace. Master Andrew really knew how to gauge my emotions and before long, I was almost back to my usual self.

After a bit more hugging and cuddling, we went to the bedroom and snuggled and made out for a little while. What was different this time around was that we were both fully clothed and just feeling and teasing each other through our clothes. It was very teasing and I tried really hard to get Master Andrew’s clothes off so I could worship his cock or at least try to get it hard. My cock was rock hard at this point and all I could think about was unbuttoning Master Andrew’s pants, but he kept on taking my hands away and forced me to just cuddle him. But didn’t work and Master Andrew informed me that the reason for this was that we weren’t going to stay long and would be heading to the sauna for a couple of hours. I have been protesting the idea for quite a while, but because I was so tired and out of the moment, I was unable to put up much of a fight and before we knew it, the uber had arrived in front of the sauna and we were hopping out.

Apart from a bright blue glowing neon sign, the entrance to the sauna was almost completely blacked out and nondescript. It felt quite sleazy and I had quite a few second thoughts and almost bolted down the street and away from the place because I was in so much fear of what would await me behind the doors. Would I see someone I knew, what would happen? Would I get raped? Were there a lot people there? Was it a night-club feel? Would hot people look at me? Would I get abandoned by Sir for another hot boy? So many things were running through my head and I was quite dizzy from just staring at the entrance sign. But before long, I just realised it was another rip off the band-aid moment and it was something that I would have to come to terms with sooner rather than later.

So we both entered and sir very kindly offered to pay my entry so that there were no questionable things on my banking statements. With locker keys in our hands we were buzzed in for my first look at what a sauna actually was. The place was very dimly lit, like a bar and the very first thing that hit me was the smell of chlorine from the pools and spas. It was very quiet and Master Andrew had deliberately picked such a time so that I wouldn’t freak out and run away screaming like a little girl. That was very appreciated and between the time we were there to when we left, we probably did not encounter more than 30 guys which is apparently quite unusual.

After walking through the narrow corridor, I was greeted with a very beautiful pool and spa. Nicely decorated with Greek statues and columns, the place was very clean and very sparse, unlike the small cramped space I was imagining in my head. From there we went into the change rooms and got undressed. There was a towel that we were given and another surprise to me was that many people walked around like they were in a gym locker room, with towels wrapped around their torsos like any other reputable gym and spa area. It became quite obvious from the very beginning that that porn videos that I had watched of people having sex and sucking each other off left right and centre was not actually reality and that I had to adjust my views accordingly. Once we were both ready, Master Andrew began giving me the grand tour of the sauna.

There was a cruise maze, fuck rooms, glory holes and porn rooms in a very dark and dimly lit environment that was very hard to see. Master Andrew would explain to me  I what each room meant and would proceed to demonstrate how each room worked. For example, we used the gloryhole section for a bit and made out in some of the private rooms that had a lock on them so the people playing with each other could do it in peace. There quite a few hot boys and muscled men roaming around, but I wasn’t sure about the protocol and was too afraid to reach out for a touch or a feel. Essentially the only thing that happened in the cruising area was the skin to skin contact that we got from sliding past different people in the really tight corners.

Two things happened during the tour that stood out to me, with the first being walking past the sling area. It was quite hot to see boys with their assholes wide open and slowly jerking themselves waiting for any person to come and destroy their hole. I was quite turned on by the whole idea of this and I was very tempted to finally shove my dick into somebody’s hole. But the shock from the going to a sauna for the first time, the lack of instructions from Master Andrew and the fear or rejection led me to use my better lack of judgement and just perve instead of actually doing anything. Considering that my dick was already rock hard from all the visual stimulation, browsing from a distance was a very good idea.

At some points during the grand tour, Master Andrew would whip out his amazingly thick and large cock and instruct me to start sucking. I gladly obliged and really enjoyed the concept of sucking off my Master in a public space. It showed my submissiveness to him and also gave off a message that I was my Master’s bitch and it was turning me on quite a bit. We retreated to one of the many porn rooms and before long, Master Andrew pushed me on the ground and instructed me to suck his cock once again. However, this time there was another guy in the room and my cock sucking skills were on full display. Before long a few other people came into the room and just watched the show before their eyes. I could see out of the corner of my eyes a couple of guys standing very close and playing with themselves. I think they found it hot and to actually give other people pleasure in watching me suck Master Andrew’s cock was an amazing feeling. Generally I am quite a reserved and shy guy, not an exhibitionst by any means of the word at all, but in that moment and in the space, I felt like all my inhibitions has evaporated and I really loved showing off my cock sucking skills I had been working on to anyone that would watch. What disappointed me was that nobody joined in on the party and I’m still unsure as to whether or not this was standard sauna protocol or whether or not both of us just weren’t attractive enough for the play to descend into a group orgy.

We finally got into the spa and had quite a bit of fun just enjoying the bubbles and each other’s company. Being in a spa is quite relaxing as it is and the ability to play with people’s body parts is a very very great bonus to an already good leisure activity. I very soon got the message and before long Master Andrew and I were giving each other  hand jobs under the water. It felt quite silly and but also quite a bit more sensual than a usual hand job due  to the addition of water. Before long, Master Andrew got me on his lap facing him and we both started making out in the sauna.It was a great feeling because I was essentially floating off and bouncing around in the pool while we were making out. Master Andrew would play with my nipples and my hole while we were making out and the addition of the warm waters and bubbles elevated the experience to a whole other level. It was incredible and my skin was quite a lot more sensitive that it was usually adding to the greater intensity of the nipple and ass play. I was in heaven and I was really glad that I had came. If it were just for that moment of making out and nipple and ass play in the spa, the whole trip would have been worth it. But there was more…

While we were playing make out in the pool, a very cute boy hopped into the spa on the other end. Master Andrew gave him a wave and we continued about what we were doing. We both decided that we would introduce ourselves after the bubbles had stopped and it seemed like an eternity waiting for the spa to finally stop making bubbles. I was scared to say hi and Master Andrew did the honours of moving across the spa and initiating small talk with the hot boy. As the small talk was going on, I sat there silently while trying to inch closer and closer to him to see whether or not he was interested in anything at all. It took quite a while but I slowly was able to rub my hands against his thighs and slowly move up to his cock. It was rock hard and I spent quite a long time just jerking his cock under the water while Master Andrew was having a conversation with an older man who was insistent on striking up a conversation about politics. Before long my hands were all over his nipples and cock and I thought I was making some progress with getting more than just a hand job. During this time, he remained silent with a blank stare across the room. I wasn’t sure if he was enjoying it or whether or not it was uncomfortable for him. The only gauge that I got was the fact that his dick was hard. After listening to more boring conversations, I decided to lean in for a kiss to see if he wanted to take things any further. Unfortunately I misjudged and he leaned away very quickly. I thought we were going to go further but I was pruning up quite heavily in the spa and felt quite dejected from the negativity towards my advancements. It was a lot of fun playing with the  boys cock and something that I would have never dreamed of doing. It was definitely worth the trip, but there was dissapointed in not being able to go further, having quite a knock on my already low self esteem for the day. We soon left the spa (after a bit of groping from the other guest which was kinda a turn on) and headed for one more roam around the sauna to see if anything interesting was happening. Nothing good was happening due to the low patronage and we both soon decided that we’d probably have more fun playing with each other back at Master Andrew’s place. So we got a drink from the bar left. My first sauna experience completed and done. The band aid had finally been ripped off and it was a lot more pleasurable than what I had imagined, once again my Master was right about everything.

Going to the sauna was a great experience, but a place that I would not want to be rushing back to anytime soon. While it was of course amazing to have the ability to perve at guys, relax and chill out and unwind after a long and hard day of stress and worry. For that the sauna is a great experience in my opinion and the added bonus of sex is just a cherry on top. I can definitely see why Master Andrew brought me here and why people like to come here. Then there was the other part of the experience and that was the sleazy part of the sauna. During some points in time, there were a few people that didn’t feel like they were there to enjoy and have a good time. There was a creepy and sleazy feeling during some portions of the experience that made me want to tighten my towel and make a beeline towards my locker and get the hell out of there. But it was a tiny portion of the experience and no where near enough for me to be turned off at coming back.

There was also a standoffish nature from the really hot guys and there was a general vibe of I am better than you, you have no right to look at me feel. That feeling made me retreat back into my shell and as a first timer, I didn’t know what was a green light and what was a red light. In that experience, the feelings were quite scary and I really didn’t know how to act or what to do in the whole situation, so I just admired from a distance. It was also within my oblivious and shy nature to be really awkward around people I had never met and the awkwardness of naked hot guys walking around in front of you showing their wares made everything even more awkward. For the socially talented and extroverted, a sauna would be a great place to get a lot of fuck, but for an introvert like me, the sauna becomes a very daunting place.

The final part of the experience which really resonated with me was how much time I actually spent with Master Andrew. When we were in the spa or making out in one of the rooms, nothing else really mattered and I just had fun in Master Andrew’s company and playing with him and being submissive to his commands. This was true throughout the whole experience and instead of playing with others, we played with each other. I felt that at such a high price point, the time we spent playing with each other could have been better spent at Master Andrew’s toys in the comfort of his own home with guests that would be wanting and willing to let me suck their cocks or take them up my asshole.

I’m in no way saying that the sauna was a bad experience. I had a great deal of fun and got to play with cock in a sauna and worship Master Andrew’s cock to a random crowd. Those two things were individually worth the trip in itself. But I think that it is a testament to how incredible Master Andrew is in the bedroom. It is not often you choose a session with a specific person over plethora of hot boys walking around in front of you naked, each super horny and ready to fuck. But Master Andrew is a PHENOMENAL master and I can’t help but think what would have happened in those two hours if we had spent them in his apartment with collection of bondage toys.

The sauna was a great and new experience. I hope that in time, I can further appreciate the aspects that I am uncomfortable with and build my confidence so that I’d be able to walk up to people and confidently offer to suck and take their cocks.