Many years ago I got to know an adorable 18yo through a family friend who was a virgin and coming to terms with being gay. He was experiencing a few coming out issues and I helped him out with advice over a serious of lunches. The only real challenge was a potentially disastrous Japanese lunch where he mistook wasabi for avocado.

He got to know about all the gay-nimals (eg. bears, otters, etc) and I nicknamed him Care Bear, as I thought he might turn into a bear. Spoiler – I was wrong, and he dropped a massive amount of weight, got some serious ink and looks great.

I took him dildo shopping so he could practise and have some solo fun.

Eventually, he decided he wanted to have sex – and that’s when the twist happened. He said that he was willing to go to a sauna and have some stranger pop his cherry if I didn’t agreed to do it.

Long story short … I did. And thanks to his practise with the dildo it was less painful than his wasabi experience.

We had a great session at the Gatehouse.

Having your cherry popped in a sling really is the most comfortable way.