So I’ve recently been chatting with Dale, who no longer lives in Melbourne. He’s essentially a straight boy who occasionally finds a man he wants to dominate him. You can read his other write up to me here:

He’s recently found a new master and he has written up his experience. Enjoy!

“So after all these years I’ve finally found another regular FB with whom there’s a click. I’ve got a yearning to please him and he seems to enjoy taking full advantage of his newly acquired asset.

The first time we hooked up he made it clear that he was after a no fuss hole to work over. No foreplay. Just arrive, bend over, take a firm fuck from him. Rinse and repeat next time.

Well, that first session turned into a pretty landmark experience. I arrived. He told me to pull down my pants and bend over, as he promised he would.

I obeyed. He then proceeded to shove his cock up my arse. A bit of spit as lube but within a few strokes I was fully impaled and it was fucking at full force. Over and over and over again.

This took me by surprise and it was pretty apparent to both of us that the way he was approaching the task of introductions cock to arise would be a struggle for me. I assumed that this would mean he’d ease up a bit at that stage but it turned out that my discomfort was a bit of a turn on for him. Part of me wanted to tell him to stop but there was a big part of me, seeing how much he was enjoying inflicting himself on me, that wanted him to keep it up.

So I relented….and told him how I wanted him to continue tearing up my insides. I was grateful. Privileged to receive him.

Through the waves of pain I focused on the intense look of pleasure on his face and while it felt like an eternity at the time, a couple of minutes later he collapsed on top of me fully spent and telling me I had just delivered him the fuck of his life.

By that point my cock was hard and dripping… and my arse was on fire. Literally on fire. And that fire remained burning back there for the following couple of days. I felt a mix of pride and regret. A desire to do it all again while also not wanting to have my arse set on fire another time.

Over those couple of days my new “friend” peppered my inbox with messages insisting that we recreate the experience…that he had more to give me. For my part, my response was a flat out “no”. Once was enough and I was worried that doing it again might result in permanent damage.

But then I’d find myself closing my eyes. My hand would slide down and grab my own cock. The look he had on his face during our violent fuck would enter my mind and all of a sudden I was blowing my own load as I relived them satisfaction of what it meant to please him.

So later that week, after some careful negotiation with him, I found myself offering my arse to his hard waiting cock once more.

Although this time there were some ground rules. He still wasn’t interested in doing anything with me beside shoving his cock up my arse (and to be honest that single focus of his was part of what turned me on). But before he did that we had little agreed pre-fucking ritual.

1. I arrive at his place. I walk to his bedroom, strip naked and lay on my back on his bed.

2. He sets the timer on his phone for 2 minutes.

3. My preparation time begins. I spread my legs apart. My left hand finds it’s way to my arsehole and I start fingering myself. First with one finger….then with a second and maybe a third. The goal is to start the process of stretching myself. Just enough so that I can manage his initial entry, but not too much. My tightness is part of what turns him on. At the same time my right hand finds it’s way to my cock…and I start pulling myself off, picking up the pace until I eventually cum.

4. The goal here is to be able to scoop my cum up from my stomach as the timer counts down the final seconds to 2 minutes. I shove it up my loosened hole, lubricating it with my fingers as the man I’m there to please steps towards me with his hard cock. He’s watched me do this to myself… and while I’m super-sensitive after having orgasmed…he’s turned on and raring to go

5. As the timer rings at the 2 minute mark, his cock slides into my slightly stretched hole, lubed up with my own cum. I’m all twitchy which apparently makes for an even hotter fuck from his perspective

After awhile my hypersensitivity passes and I get to enjoy the hard fucking he delivers. Instead of a fire up my arse I’m able to focus on the squelching and slapping sounds that come with a well lubed hard fuck.

We’ve rinsed and repeated in that way now for 5 weeks now. I hope it continues.”