Boys often don’t think things through. Dale got in trouble for submitting a story to me without clearing it with his master first – so here’s a picture of his well fucked hole and a clarification of his previous post. 😈 I do hope his master will send us some pics to post of Dale being used.

My Master was somewhat upset with me for not first seeking his approval to share my account of what we do together.

He’s asked that I write to correct a few points. He didn’t “pepper my inbox” after the first time he fucked me asking me to let it happen again. I was told that I would offer myself to him again, and the “pre-fuck ritual” we now go through where I jack myself off so I can lube my own hole before he fucks me is as much to ensure his enjoyment as it is to prevent my pain. A slick, tight hole is better than a dry, tight hole.

My Master’s pleasure remains my priority and I need to express my gratitude for his decision to choose my arse as the site for deriving that pleasure. For the foreseeable future – in each of our fuck sessions – I am thanking him after each thrust he bestows up my hole.

It remains an honour to serve my Master in this way and provide him the pleasure he deserves.