For the November gangbang I selected a theme of Three Little Pigs – we’ll huff and we’ll puff and blow a load in. 😈 Three beautiful boys bottomed for more than 25 guys. Here is a write up by @melbournetwink on Twitter of his experience:

A lot of people think that because I like sex, that I don’t get nervous. Not only is that completely untrue, but I can barely talk to a guy at a bar. So, I when I was on my way to Soxster’s gangbang, I was about to spontaneously combust. I have done a lot of group sex before, so I’m not quite sure why I get nervous every time. I think part of it is that my hole is always so tight – that’s another thing that no one else believes – and I want to make sure every man is able to know the pleasure of being inside my smooth pink hole. This gangbang was also special because it was the ‘three little piggies’ gangbang – I was going to be one of three bottoms being shared by over 15 hung tops.

I’m very competitive. I wanted to be the best bottom there. I know I shouldn’t think that, but I always want to be the one to worship a cock. That was until I got there, and I met the other bottoms. They were so lovely, and of course, there was a method to Soxter’s madness: he got us because we were all polar opposite bottoms. There was smooth and twinky, bear-ish and a bit of pain play between the three of us, which meant that we were all able to worship the tops in our own way.

I was mesmerised when all the tops arrived. I know people say they love cock – but I dream of it, and this was a dream. So many cocks, and so many different ways for me to be spit roasted! So, I got straight on to my knees and got to work. My hole was worked open pretty soon into the night, and soon after that I was already filled with a load. I love filming, so it was exciting to see a camera being passed around (just like I was), as I was tossed between the bed and the sling.

It was actually my first time in the sling, which was pretty exciting. I was extra nervous in the sling – mainly because it was next to a wall full of 14” dildos, dilators and other goodies that I will have to work my way up to. After I was done in the sling, I think I had almost 10 loads in me. The only thing that I like more than cum in my ass is in my mouth though because I love the taste! I thought that is something I can always look forward to at my next Soxster gangbang.

Unfortunately, I had to leave early because I had work. Seeing the other bottoms being used as I was getting dressed made me super jealous – and I’m still jealous writing this – but I’m using it to motivate me for the next event! I want to be better than ever, and hopefully, Soxster will let me be the only piggy one day. Nothing excites me more than looking up at a circle of cocks, surrounded by precumming men, and knowing they all want to demolish me. I’m less than 5’7, and I still can’t get enough cock!

The best thing is, I know that if that were to ever happen, Soxster will be the sweetest and most accommodating – yet kinky and well-endowed – host I could think of 🙂