Some write ups from Saxon ( on some longer term play sessions. I don’t normally do very long term sessions with boys so I always find it interesting to read about. Enjoy!

24 hour session in a cage

I went to see this guy who I had met and done sessions with a few times in the past. He was the type of guy who was more into the theatrics, then real domination and submission. Which is good, at least when I used to turn up, I knew what I was info. In for. I chatted to him about long-term bondage or restraint in the past. We played mostly a few hours a bit of tying up and that was it. This guy had a cage which was pretty awesome. It was very thick, welded steel and had a padlock on it. There was no way of getting out once the padlock was on. Discussions that happened and within a very short space of time we had set up to do a 24 hour session. One of the things I do like is wearing a hood a lot. Some people don’t like wearing them for a long time but I can wear them because it creates a level of escapism and I feel anonymous. So within minutes of arriving, I was restrained had mitts on my hands that wouldn’t allow me to touch anything. They were the fully enclosed ones. I had restraints on my ankles and a very thick chain, which was surprising. I’d warn collars before, but this thick chain actually sent me to a different level of submission because it felt that next level of not necessarily being owned, but certainly own for this session. It was a head that was a head. I gathered that this Dom had done similar sessions before because he knew exactly what to do. He had his very large coffee jar, one of those instant coffee jars with a sealable lid, he placed it in the cage, and that was my jar to piss in for the duration it kind of made me realise how serious this guy was going to take it . The session begin. There was no sexual activity. It was pretty much just a bondage session, and that was it. There was another guy that turned up during the night, and I could hear some kind of whipping or spanking session that went on during the night, I was woken several times taken out of the cage and given a very mild spanking I slipped in the cage for what seemed a long time and I wasn’t quite sure if we were going to do a full 24 hours it was only after I had started to get bored that I eventually asked to be released. In my mind I didn’t really want to be released but the boredom had said in and I was more bored than anything else so it wasn’t that I was breaking the consent that I had given for the 24 hours it was just that the boredom had taken over in the end I was not allowed to be released until the 24 hours was up which may seem harsh to some people, but that was the session that I had agreed and in the end, I was glad that he had stuck to the agreement, and at the end of the 24 hours, I was allowed to have a shower. I still wore that collar around my neck and the collar itself gave me a sense of feeling owned.

It wasn’t the most spectacular, amazing session that I had encountered, but it was exactly what I had agreed to, and for that. I appreciated the amount of time that it took up for the Dom to explore such a session.

Masseur Slave

I met this guy online who I had been to for a massage a few times. He was really good at making me feel relaxed and I knew he was in demand and had quite a lot of clients. He lived in a very small one bedroom flat in Sydney. Somehow the conversation turned around to kink and bondage, he was curious about bondage, but did seem a little hesitant. Somehow the conversation came about he wanted to try having someone be a bit of a houseboy for the night. I agreed to be his slave for the night. It started off as a massage, and he asked me if it was okay prior to the session if he could invite somebody around. This person he said didn’t want to be identified and I would have to be hooded while he was there, which was no problem because I feel very natural wearing a hood. It wasn’t long after I was on the massage table getting a massage then to doorbell rang. It was the guy. It was not long after I could actually see a little bit out of the hood, but all I could see was straight down and I could make out the legs of the guy. He had a very muscly leg structure and all he wanted to do was watch somebody being massaged. The masseuse actually invited him to fuck me and the guy declined. I hadn’t actually agreed to that, but I was well up for it if that was to happen. I later found out that this guy was a current AFL player. I still don’t know to this day who it was but it kind of excited me that I was part of his enjoyment for at least half an hour one night after this guy had left I was then restrained and put into a cupboard, the masseuse had some other clients turning up and he said I had to be very quiet because he didn’t want his clients to know there was somebody else in his apartment after his first client had left event. Instructed me to collect the towels and wash them for him. It was a simple task. Nothing too submissive like, but I complied instantly, several more clients turned up and the same thing happened a few more times during the night. At some stage I was allowed to sleep in the masseuse bed and we fell asleep. There was no touching or sexual activity between us. He did warn me that if I was to wake him up, I would be severely punished so I actually found it a little exciting that he had found his domination streak, but also I was a little scared what might happen to me if I had woken him up in the morning, the light was coming through the window and he was slightly awaking. I wasn’t sure what to do, as I was still too scared to move just in case, if went through with his promise of severely punishing me when he was a little bit awake, he directed me to suck him off in the morning which was a reward. I was very happy to oblige with as he let me stay the night. It was great because he was trying out being a Dom and I was glad that I could participate in his journey for experimenting with being a Dom