I asked https://twitter.com/emeraldmoxxy if he would like to write up his experience at the Wolfenoot Pizza Party – which was his first experience at a Soxster event. Photo is from the party – mine is the thick one. Let’s see what EmeraldMoxxy thought…

Being a slut never felt so welcoming…

The day of the 23rd was an interesting one. Somehow, through the good graces of people around me I’d been invited to an honest to god orgy. I was no stranger to group sex, or losing count in the dark, but this was next level. But this was something a little more… real.
I arrived fashionably late at around 7:00, just as the pizzas were being brought in. I wondered to myself what the delivery guy would think if he knew exactly where he was delivering to. I wondered if he got a glimpse of the sling and bad dragon toys just through the door. As I made my way up stairs to the middle floor, I immediately felt out of place due to being the only one with clothes still on. There was at least 30+ very attractive men in various states of dress. From completely nude to pup masks, and latex shorts. Delicious.
I very quickly decided to join them, wearing my favourite jockstrap. I did bring my puppy mask but decided to leave that in my bag for the time being. As we sat around I was impressed with how friendly the atmosphere was. I knew a few people but everyone was so happy to introduce themselves, people were socialising and sharing a laugh. Honestly if it wasn’t for the nakedness you’d assume it was a regular house party. But very quickly, the atmosphere started to change, and definitely in a good way.
As soon as one dick started being sucked, then things really got going. I very quickly had three very attractive boys take an interest in me. It wasn’t long before I found myself upstairs in a sling, one cock in my mouth, another in my hand and another up my ass. I was in heaven. Cock after cock came my way, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Each one hitting just a bit different, each one so good.
After what was around 20 minutes, I declared I needed a quick break, and everyone was so accommodating. I took a breather, went downstairs to chill, but somehow I found myself up against a wall with another dick in me. Whoops! Clumsy me.
This seemed to go on for a while, I kept telling myself I just needed a moment but then another perfect looking cock would appear and I just couldn’t let the opportunity go by. Who knows how many I had received that night. It was all kind of a blur, but the best kind of blur to be sure. Thank you to the amazing hosts and all the attendees for making it such a wonderful night. I’ll see you at the next one 😉