I held a Merry Fistmas event this week and I asked https://twitter.com/platinumgay20 to do a write up of the 35 boy orgy. He is 22, cute as fuck and this was his first Soxster event. Enjoy!


Who knew attending an orgy would incur the penalty of homework… luckily for Soxster and his gang of delightful (and devilish) misfits I am delighted to relish and relive the memories of last night’s 35 person Merry Fistmas celebration (counted by approximation of loads covering my face, body and hole). Whilst I’m not nearly brave enough to get even close to a fist inside me (yet…) I was very happy to stand as an enthralled onlooker as a forearm crept its way into a presented hole, wrapped cutely in a sling bejewelled with candy canes (how festive!). That is, of course, until I locked eyes with someone across the room, gestured for them to come over and embraced their ready and waiting cocks with either my mouth (if pushed to my knees by the shoulder) or my hole (if bent over various furniture by the waist). It seemed inevitable (for myself but also I hope for others) that I would end up on my knees, in a pretty pink outfit of harness and jockstrap, surrounded by a plethora of men waiting to be serviced… watching as they determinedly reached climax and sprayed my face until my features were mainly indiscernible. Thank you to those who helped kick off the cleaning up process by scooping the majority onto my outstretched tongue, and to those who were happy to lick the rest off my face and stuck around for a nice make out session right there on the floor.

Enveloped as I was by the scent of sex, sweat and amyl, my hole found itself twitching for more attention than I think it’s ever desired in a single night. Being loaded up early in the night made for unsurprisingly effective lubricant for further activity so I’m very appreciative to those who got into the Christmas spirit by contributing to the cause and leaving a gift. I truly was in awe of everyone’s polite manner and encouraging attitude, always being gently nudged to take just one more… which I was more than happy to oblige to. Happily I am currently feeling no repercussions from last nights stretching (which perhaps indicates that I should have tried a little harder… ah well, there’s always next time)

I think that it is fairly safe to say that whilst I may have been one of the “good boys” in attendance, after last night, we’re all going on Santa’s naughty list.

Merry Christmas everyone xx

-Rudolph the cum nose reindeer