One of the younger people who attended the Merry Fistmas party of 35 boys wrote this for you all. He’s 18, very hung and very cute. 😜 Enjoy his write up!

“In the past Soxster has held small gatherings for me first one didn’t work out so well due to a medical issue and the second one which I mainly observed.

So this was my first official orgy!! At first I was really nervous walking into a room full of 30-40 men only knowing a few guys – I thought I was basically getting fed to the sharks and I kept thinking worst case scenario {which I tend to do a lot}. As I walk up the stairs I expect it to be full of guys already naked when actually there was like 10 guys fully dressed, but I was sort of early because everyone of course had to be fashionably late. I go sit by myself feeling drained from the train ride there eventually there was a new person and Soxster introduces me to him {I can’t remember his name but he was also 18}. After a bit of something to nibble on I got sit back down but next to someone else this lovely 22 year old guy and we had some laughs, he eventually snuck up stairs to undress into a pink harness and jockstrap and then people started taking their clothes off and Soxster announced it was time to begin. I asked for a bag to put my stuff in and ran up stairs and stripped down to my jockstrap, after doing that I went down stairs and just sort of watched everyone not really knowing who to make my first guy of the night. After being in the bathroom upstairs I saw Soxster being blown and he told me to come over and then a lovely guy with a jockstrap with donuts on it started blowing me and tbh it felt really good. After that I climbed over the bed to watch @ThomasMountXXX get fisted which was kinda interesting and the was a guy on the bed with his head at dick level getting fisted on the otherside, he started sucking my dick while getting fisted {which was a first and probably not the last} he stopped sucking at one point and started shaking a bit which kinda scared me at first but the guy fisting him said he was touching his G spot which was a relief, eventually he came in his jockstrap. There was a handsome bear standing next to me {who also fisted Thomas a bit} he put his hand around me and playing with my dick while we kissed a bit, he then started sucking my dick and threw me onto his shoulder while still blowing me at first I was scared he was gonna drop me but it felt so good. He plopped me back down and ran his finger over my hole but I didn’t douche so ran to go do that but once I was done he was busy with someone else so I sat and watched a few guys get fucked and a guy came up next to asking what I was into not knowing what he meant by this as in kink wise or just for that night I replied idk and he asked if he could fuck me I agreed. At first it kinda hurt but I think that was from too little lube or he couldn’t find it or I needed to relax a bit more but eventually he got it in a little bit but I was unfortunally too tight for his dick but stayed bending over cause I could see someone else there who put a few fingers in and got me moaning. Over all I had a great night I’d defiently do it again but need help douching though but other than that it was great unfortunately I had to leave early so I didn’t get to put my hand/s in anyone which I got the rest of my life to do but if you ever wanna try anything kinky Soxster is the best guy and will take it slow and will answer all your questions.