A write up from the last party from the always horny https://twitter.com/ashwoodguy

I was away for this one – so I’ve been enjoying the photos and videos. Ashwoodguy is one of the older participants but he knows how to fuck really well and it’s always a pleasure to see him pounding the fuck out of twinks at the party. 😈  Pic above is of https://twitter.com/lstalio sucking lots of cock


I’ve been to a few Soxster parties now and each one is a little bit different, you chat with new guys, some who’ve been before, others on their first visit. Everyone is happy to chat and the atmosphere is always welcoming.  Most were dressed when I arrived, but when I looked around about 7pm I noticed that I was still one of the few guys with clothes on and I needed to change that.

It’s always fun just watching, checking out all the bodies and cocks and some very delectable butts. I wandered upstairs and there was a couple going at it on the bed, definitely hot to watch and as soon as I turned around, a sexy young guy who I’d been chatting to in the main area smiled at me, didn’t say much at all just went in for a passionate kiss and after a few minutes dropped to take my throbbing cock as deep down his throat as he could (and he was good, definitely not his first rodeo). Once he stood up, I grabbed his butt and knew instantly from his reaction what he wanted and who was I to deny him – and he definitely didn’t deny me some – very hot and tight entry into his welcoming hole. I had my back to the room as we fucked and when I finally got to turn around again, noticed that the bottom who was getting fucked on the bed when I first came up was onto his 2nd or 3rd cock for the night. He clearly loved taking cock and the look on his face was total bliss.

After playing with the sexy boy I was with for about 15+ mins we took a break and moved on, not before sharing more passion with our lips. I knew that it wouldn’t be the last time we played during the night. I looked around the room and there was another group of guys, obviously knew each other well based on the banter that they shared during play and watched as two of them kissed on the bed, on all 4’s, with a cock deep in each of them. I’m happy to say I got my turn in both their hot holes managing to DP one of them a little later in the evening (and he was another who just couldn’t get enough, the look of pride on his face knowing he had two cocks in him and looking at the camera almost boastfully as we fucked him).  Fucking boys like that is definitely one of the best things in the world.

I took a break for a bit and wandered downstairs to see another young twink on his knees surrounded by cocks, another boy in piggy heaven. Guys were everywhere in 2’s, 3’s and more, all having fun.

Back up stairs and ran into my sexy young friend from the start and we played again, then I offered his hole (with his permission) to one of the biggest dicks of the night, now that was a sight to see. Also the boy on the bed was still being fucked, by yet another cock, damn does he have some stamina, especially as I’d seen him take the big cock that was now up my young friend. 

I knew that mr big cock was into some rope play, so I asked my young friend if he’d be keen to try some…. well we ended up taking over the bed once standing for the boy in bondage was no longer an option, some paddles were introduced to his butt and some more deep dicking, I think he enjoyed it… he he.

Back downstairs and there was a sexy ‘dingo’ on all 4’s on one of the couches howling at the moon as his hole was used and abused (much to his delight) it was like watching live porn seeing this sexy young pig just going for it and wanting more.  I watched several guys fuck him and put the pig on a spit finally watching 3 guys blast him full of cum, that was enough for me, so I jumped on too and quickly added yet another load to his leaking hole. Him and his insatiable hole were so into it, this boy needs his own dedicated breeding gangbang, love to see how long he could hold out for (quite a while would be my guess).

As I’d been fucking on and off (also having my turn with the ‘boy on the bed’ from earlier) for over 2hrs, I was done and called it a night. Said my good byes, collected some new contacts, one in particular… and headed home.

Thanks to Soxster for creating these parties, even though our Master of Ceremonies wasn’t there for this party, thanks to Thomas, the host who opened up his entire home for us debauched pigs and a big thank you to all the boys who come and get involved making it such a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere to let loose and have some fantastic sex.