I hosted a group session in Melbourne on Easter Monday. I’ll post some more photos and videos of that but I wanted to share a write up by Pup Fang – an adorable 18yo pup from regional Victoria who came down to have some fun. He was very experienced with sucking dick and using toys on himself but he decided that he wanted to loose his virginity at my party and it was a genuine honour to watch. He’s an awesome young man – smart, funny and wry, and sexy as fuck. Here is his experience in his own words.


Following a 2-hour train ride to Melbourne CBD, and finally stepping onto the platform at southern cross station, I was greeted by a pup who was also coming to the party. After hanging out for a little, checking out some shops and some funny business in the car, a friend we were both waiting on finally arrived in Melbourne as well. After collecting them from the station, we made our way to Eagle Leather on Hoddle St, Abbotsford. This was both my and friend 2’s first time at a sex shop. After picking out some goods for the party, we all made our way to the apartment, arriving very early.

Upon entering, we were greeted by our lovely host and his friend he’d brought back from NYC. Both are extremely cute and kind individuals. Were either of these people wearing pants? Nope! Was certainly a good sight!

After a tour of the apartment and some light conversation, 4pm rolled around and the other members began to show up. In the first bunch was a pup I’d been dying to meet for a very long time. Pup Nexxus! I was really shy at first. After a cuddle, I never wanted to let go. So, we moved to the bed!

As more people showed up, you could tell that everyone sort of knew each other which was very daunting seeming I only knew a few people there through online interactions.

As clothes began to come off, people started to get changed into whatever they wished to wear for the party. I was featured in a freshly bought Cellblock13 harness and jockstrap, with my appendage nicely supported by the straps of the harness and a cock ring. It was very out of my shy character, but it seems I was first naked and ready! After some more puppy cuddles and making out, the real party started!

I could write about the party all day. But here’s a summary: I sucked a lot of people off, after a false start, I lost my virginity on a sex swing in front of 25 other men and all of Soxster’s Twitter following to a very cute boy I’d been talking to from my hometown. I can’t say I was overly scared to be rid of it, however. I’d waited so many years to lose it to someone my age. And the opportunity had never come until they came along. But I knew I wanted it gone. The cutie who took it was packing a mean dick of about 7-8 inches, and decently thick. It was a lot easier to take than I thought a real dick would be. But it was really fucking good to not have to put all the work in myself like I do with toys. And I suppose they helped loosen me up a bit before taking the real thing. A little fingering while we waited for them to be ready didn’t hurt either XD and once their balls hit my butt, I knew I could finally slut it up! XD following this, I got bred by train station pup, Nexxus (many times) and a very cute boy who was packing an extremely thick dick! Raising the total to 4 guys having fucked me at the event.

Being my first time bottoming aside from my large experience with toys, I had to take a break from being rearranged on the swing, a fuck bench, and the couch. Furthermore, I had a dildo worked into me by another pup while I was sucking Nexxus off. I had so much fun during those 4 hours from arriving to leaving and I knew I’d be back for the next! It really is a kind and supportive environment where there’s always someone into something and eager boys looking to please and be pleased.

Following the party, a very sexy group of partygoers decided to hit up ADAM, the nude night at Sircuit. After being at an orgy with 25 other people, this environment really didn’t scare me at all. I got to see a lot more dick and ass and overall, was such a fun time. Being worn out from the party, I didn’t partake in any activity in their darkroom, but I know I will return one day for some fun! After a sad goodbye to my favorite puppy, Nexxus, and a big lick on his face and many, many kisses, we didn’t stick around for much longer.

Seeming I’d traveled so far to get to the party, I stayed the night at the apartment with the host himself and his NYC friend. With a lot more cuddles and a movie, and his load eventually being worked into me with his fingers, I fell asleep surrounded by warmth.

The next day before leaving I went and checked out Manhuas and bought myself another jockstrap that one day I’ll wear to a party! That day I went home very satisfied knowing there were three loads in me, and with an urgency to come back soon for some more adventures and cuddles! I only regret not getting fucked more and staying for longer. But my no-longer virgin body could only take so much. I’m sure these regrets will be remedied very shortly however when I return to Melbourne!