I asked the awesome https://twitter.com/ashwoodguy to do a write up of his experiences at Soxster parties. He’s always a popular participant – he’s a lovely guy and knows how to fuck really well. Even though he’s one of the older people attending there is never a shortage of younger guys wanting to ride his cock.

I’ve been reflecting lately that many young guys don’t understand that what we are doing at the events simply wasn’t possible for nearly forty years. Here is his perspective.


How lucky are we to have Soxster looking after our debauched needs…  Being one of the older participants of the group, I can’t be more grateful that we can have the parties we now do and enjoy them to such an extent. When I was in my 20’s (and beyond) it just wasn’t possible, especially to do all of this and have no stigma attached, no slut shaming and so so much freedom.


Remember when Covid hit and it was time to behave and lock ourselves away, not much fun at all. Masks were mandatory, groups were a no no, ect.  For some of us this was a reminder of days past. Imagine having those restrictions placed on you for 30+ years…  30 years were you just couldn’t be a cum dump (well you could but the ramifications that came with it were something you’d seriously have to weigh up, HIV wasn’t always a manageable condition, and the stigma..  wow that was something else). If you were a cum dump, many people would avoid you, god knows what nasty things you may have in your system.
Imagine having a sex party where if you didn’t use a condom, you would be frowned upon, seen as someone who was ‘taking public transport without a mask’ to use a similar analogy.  You were irresponsible and careless and had no respect for others.
I was listening to Joy last Saturday and reminded that it’s been 40 years since the Aids crisis hit us, (has anyone else watched ‘In Our Blood’ on the ABC?  Great show and very very true to life).  But think of it, 40 Years!
 Prep, that now gives us so much freedom, letting us swap cum, breed, gang fuck raw and so much more has been available for less than 10 years, so that’s 30 years of condoms, behaving, not being able to so all the many wonderful things we can do and get away with at the Soxster parties.  Now I can do so much more than I could when I was in my prime, not saying I didn’t have fun, I did, but NOTHING like Soxster, fuck that was only for the movies.
So a BIG BIG thanks to Soxster for the joy he brings to our lives through his parties, thanks to all you piggy young and not so young sluts for getting into the spirit of it and letting go the way you do, so hot to see guys playing with no inhibitions and thanks to all those at the parties who’ve fucked, been fucked and swapped cum with me, I love it all and look forward to many more sessions of debauched sex that was for me so long out of reach.