At the gangbang of we had a number of new boys joining – one of whom was

He had great energy – and here is his write up of the session.


When I had a breakup last year, I took to twitter to scroll in search of something to comfort my heartbreak with cum and porn. This is when I first came across the Soxster twitter account and its debaucherously decadent content and I don’t think my dick has ever been the same. What made it even more exhilarating was the fact that this underground community of sex positive sexy men was on my very doorstep of Melbourne.

So naturally, I did a deep dive to find out more about thisclandestine sexy Soxster society and found the Soxsterwebsite explaining how it all works and how its not just sex, but a sense of community and support too. Different events with different focuses and different ways to introduce new blood to the community, auditions almost to see if you gel with the rest of the Soxster gays, theys and pups. So, on the website when I saw Soxster calling out for eager young tops to join the upcoming gangbang of one sexy fucker, Urban Dingo, I thought to myself, I’m a top, I’m eager, I’m young…ish?! Having been out of the scene for nearly a decade I was starting to realise that now in my mid 30s I was no longer young (despite what my hetero friends may think) and I had found that I was very much in the midst of my daddy era, a fact I was frequently reminded of with every new encounter on grindr/scruff starting off with ‘Hi Daddy/Sir’. Did I hate it? No. Did I lean into it? Hell yes.

When the gays give you daddy, you give them daddy’s freshy juiced cum-o-lade. Still with my new found daddy confidence, the thought of going to a gangbang and fighting over a single bottom still made me a bit anxious. What if no body likes me? What if my dick isn’t big enough? What if I can’t perform? What if I have a bit too much chunk on offer? But I needn’t worry, Soxster finely curates his events, screening guests and their interests, attitudes and intent and having now experienced an event I can see why. I walked through the door and instantly felt like a weight was off my shoulders. This was just a bunch of dudes eager for fun and to hang out together (admittedly naked) with a few beers between fucks. Not a troupe of tops tearing each other apart like lions over the carcass of a gazelle, but a team of tops working together to make sure a Dingo took their baby…batter. In reality, its what I imagine walking into heaven feels like – or at least it would be if I wasn’t a debaucherous atheist heathen destined for hell. If any of it were real that is.

Walking into the first room I was greeted by the eager wiggling hips of Urban Dingo, perched up with ass in the air presenting his beautiful hole to the collection of tops now gathering around him. A few people started to reach out and play with his hole and so he piped up with ‘Could someone at least put a bit of spit on there for me?!’ Well of course this felt like a great time to drop to my knees and demonstrate my finely curated skill of eating ass like a man possessed, the only time I have related to talking in tongues. With his hole sparkling with spit and loosened from my tongue he was ready for his first cock of the night. Not an honour I got to take, another eager top jumped right in as soon as he could,but I did get to fuck him second and his hole felt just as delightful wrapped around my fat uncut cock as it did quivering at the end of my broad wet tongue.

As I finished my first tour of Dingo’s hole and passed the baton on to another top, I wandered into the other room which could not have been a bigger juxtaposition. In the first room a harnessed, leashed Dingo was being railed by a team of horny tops but in this room the environment was relaxed and chilled. Guys catching up with hugs, clearly old mates, a frolicking pack of puppies on the bed in the corner, folks chilling with a few drinks, laughs and at one point a discussion around the Tasmanian health care system? Worlds apart it felt, yet the fact that everyone in both rooms was completely naked, hornyand having fun connected the two otherwise disparate rooms. Honestly, it was the perfect pairing, to flitter between the two environments was extremely fun and helped to regulate the mood of the party and participants. When things in Dingo’s den got too piggy, heated or the tops needed a break then the adjoining room offered a refreshing place to rejuvenate and recharge before storming back into the den for another go on one of Dingo’s delicious holes.

All of this was being over seen by the man himself, Daddy Soxster, because if ever there was a man who gave off Daddy vibes it was THE Soxster himself. If you follow his twitter or have read more on this website then you have seen the alluding nature to the girth and size of his penis. Its ALL true. The man not only wields a bevy of beautiful boys that he convenes into fun sex parties but a massive girthy cock that would make any cock hound drool. He stood back and watched his attendees work Dingo over, and being my first event, I felt his eyes watching me, examining my body, my interactions with the others. His gaze inspired me, egged me on, do it for Daddy Soxster I thought, until he came up to me and whispered in my ear that he liked my energy and that I would do well at the main parties. Well naturally I had to thank him, so I dropped to my knees to worship his mouthful (throatful) of a cock which I slurped with zealous fervor, never forgetting to worship his massive balls too. With both of us clearly enjoying the power, he had over me and how quickly he had made my dom top façade shatter, he led me over to the bed and had me lying with my head past the edge so he could deeply fuck my throat and teach me tricks to take it deeper. When I emerged with streaming eyes, and my face covered in throat slime we both seemed satisfied with what I hope will be the first of many lessons of private tutelage from Daddy Soxster himself.

To recover my sense of self and reclaim my dom status, I once again stormed the Dingo’s den and with a fresh sense of energy fucked him, grabbing his leash, making sure he felt my fat cock inside him. When you work a pup up into an energy where they are panting at you, calling you sir and AWOOingyou know you’re doing a good job. Every grunt and cheeky stare from Dingo made me pound him harder, slaps to get him excited, spitting in his open panting mouth. He was a very good boy and he deserved all the fucks I could give. And he took them, he took them all with eagerness and pining.

And so the night went on, iteration after iteration of fucking Dingo’s hole and chilling with guys in the other room until the tops dripped out one by one and Dingo’s hole dripped out cum by cum. As I reluctantly pulled on my clothes and popped my head into the den to say goodbye Dingo looked up at me and pointed ‘You!’ he barked with a cheeky look on his face ‘You and I ARE having fun again sir!’  How could I say no? The puppy dog eyes and eager licking of his lips and cummy ass waggling I was ready to strip down again and go for what felt like round 58 with him there and then. Instead, I looked back at him with a devious grin and said ‘Of course we are. Daddy loves a good boy.’ And before I walked out, I dropped to my knees once again and ate out his delicious hole just like I had at the start of the night. Except this time it was glazed in cum, tender from pounding and loose enough to slip right into, yet still beautiful and tasty as ever. As I got to my feet, grabbed my bag and made for the exit, Dingo barked out ‘Thank you sir!’ to which I replied ‘No problems, you’re a very good boy!’ and as I stepped into the hallway outside the Soxsterstudio I was rewarded with one last ‘AWOOO’ from Dingo which I (and definitely all of Soxster’s neighbours) had ringing in my ears for the rest of the night.