Last night was the third Soxster party in Brisbane. 23 guests and a lot of fun. It was held simultaneously with an event in Melbourne. Partly so we could make a joke about spit roasting NSW and mostly so I could avoid FOMO for the Melbourne event. Here is a write up from a first timer to a Soxster event.


Soxster – a review

When one thinks of gay orgies, one probably imagines a pornographic scene of shadows, laser lights, and buff men piled on each other, probably followed by some sort of bukkake scene. The imagery of the classic ‘Tom of Finland’ picture may seem exciting, but to put yourself there is a different story. Frankly, such a thought terrifies me. I do not resemble such a figure in any way, nor did I feel confident enough to partake in such a perceived scene.

Thank God such a scene couldn’t have been further from the truth. The cold rain today served as a good reminder that the Soxster event was a warm haven in more ways than one. Call me dramatic, but I ask you if you have been yourself? Within minutes, my angst had faded to be replaced with cautious excitement, intertwined with light conversation and warm greetings from the host and fellow strangers making me feel welcome.

The location was clean, contemporary and accommodating, and specific spaces were arranged for designated activities which added to the ‘no pressure’ attitude of the environment. If the event itself could talk, it would have told me to be comfortable and enjoy myself. And I was, and I did.

I could talk to you about the sexual encounters I had. I could paint a detailed picture. But that may be the very essence of a Soxster event. What does the detailed picture look like? Well, you’d have to paint your own. For me, I left the event with newfound confidence. It was a space where I felt safe, attractive, engaging and popular. I felt sexy. I hope you will too.