A write up about the Melbourne party! 🙂


So we had another Soxster party here in Melbourne Last night and one in Brisbane. These parties get better and better with new faces and the old faces. The atmosphere at Last nights party here in Melbourne was great everyone enjoyed them selves, there was a lot of hot stuff going on, Sucking, Fucking and Fisting.

As usual Pup Ingle was a gracious host, he always makes everyone feel welcomed. I myself had a lot of fun last night got fisted by Pup Ingle (https://twitter.com/thomasmountxxx) himself and by another great guy unfortunately I cant remember his name I’m not normally good at remembering peoples names when I meet a lot of people haha, overall the night was amazing. I’m hoping to be able to go to one of the Brisbane parties next time and meet everyone there and have a great time.

Andrew Soxster himself is a lovely guy and also a gracious host. Can’t wait for the next parties in the coming future ❤️