Another review – enjoy!


Hello readers, I am I am a 24 year old gay/genderfluid person from Perth WA. Sexually I consider myself a kinky side but when I fuck a service top / bottom. I’m not a local resident of Melbourne but I’ve know of the Soxster events for quite some time. A fair few of my friends are regulars there and I have seen the content posted online and always been interested in attending. Usually my sex I prefer a much more intimate setting and was concerned that the Soxster event would be bodies piled onto of each other with nowhere to move and everyone distracted with fucking but I was so wrong.

The first thirty minutes or so people were arriving, in the three story town house, having drinks and snacks in the kitchen and slowly getting down to just underwear. It was a very social event, spread over the two lounge rooms, bedroom, and kitchen. Meeting new people, and shaking hands while naked was an interesting experience. And then the fun began.

I started my night making out, sucking dick and eating ass, having an absolutely wonderful time. The relaxed atmosphere made it very easy to openly communicate what I like to do and set boundaries. Initially i thought a flagging system of “top/vers/bottom/ask” would make the party and communication easier but part way through the event I realised, without any flagging people were encouraged to talk, ask what they like being done to them, how they like to fuck and so on.

I really got my hands full (pun intended) once I started fisting the incredible bottoms at the party, two who I had previously had ffun with and a new hole around the wrists. They were all very helpful in communicating how they like to be fisted which made the experience for me, a relatively new fister, much more stress free and enjoyable.

My night wasn’t only filled with kink though. I had a wonderful encounter with a bear at the party who pinned me to the shower wall, turning me on in all the right ways, finding all of my buttons to push and eating my ass. Also being sandwiched between two bears making out with me and taking turns eating my ass.

Overall I had an incredible experience in a very relaxed atmosphere where people were just there to have a great time, and whatever you wanted to do, someone was there to do thay with you. Thank you to the Soxster team for putting on a party for me while I was there so I could experience my first Soxster event, and I will definitely be coming back for more!