Another write up of my events – including the Melbourne one I didn’t attend. This was written by

One of the reasons that I like people to do these write-up’s is so that new participants come to the event with understanding of the culture and vibe that we are trying to create.


My first memory of Soxster was of an outsider looking in. I’ve always enjoyed the content that Soxster posts on his feed and always wondered if I’d fit the type that gets invited – asian, average body, not gym fit, no abs, chub around the belly.

I was over the moon when I got invited! The first party I got invited to was at Soxster Studio in Melbourne CBD. Soxster was even warmer in person and meeting him felt like meeting an old friend who’s happy to introduce me to his other mates, who were as warm and as happy to meet me!

I normally have a hard time initiating play as I easily feel awkward and anxious. But, next thing I know, after stripping to my jockstrap, I was down on my knees sucking cocks, licking balls and just having a real great time – leaving me no time to overthink things. I even got to try EStim fun and put my fist in a hot guy’s hole – super hot!

Soxster’s careful curation of like minded guests sets it apart from anything I’ve ever experienced. Some of the guys I played with were younger, older, taller, chubbier, fitter, more experienced, hornier, kinkier, etc than me – some i’d only hope to get a reply from on grindr. There literally is something and someone for everyone but the best fun is reserved for those who appreciate what’s beyond the superficial.

Guests are expected to pay respect to one another and be social. A small entry price for a night of perversion and dabauchery with like minded people. I went to my second Soxster party – this time it was at a three storey townhouse, paid the “price of entry” and found myself happily servicing 4 tops at once with my mouth, hands and hole. It was very exciting to explore the townhouse and find opportunities for fun at every turn. My fun was only limited by my hole not expecting to take the longest-to-date cock and girthiest-to-date cock, both in 1 night!

The atmosphere at Soxters’ parties is a welcome contrast to the usual toxicity one commonly experiences when trying to hook up – here you can be unapologetically yourself. This stark difference is still something that I am wrapping my head around, but looking forward to fully lean into – perhaps at the next party.

To conclude, Soxster made me feel that I am the type he’d invite but it was much less to do with how I look but mostly because of how I interacted with him and the people at the party.