Brisbane parties are going well…here is a write up by new Soxster boy Leo. He’s cute as fuck and you’ll be seeing a lot more of him. Photo of him riding cock above.


Hey Daddy Soxster,
Here’s my write-up for your blog! I hope you like it 😜

Hello Soxster readers!

My name is Leo (@jpgayventures on Twitter), I’m 23 years old, and I’m an openly gay man from South-East Queensland. 

Before Soxster, I had only ever had sex with one or two other people. Now I consider myself a very kinky individual. I’m as submissive as they come, really. I had experimented in that world a bit with a few of the men I’ve been with over the last few years. But of course, there are things I definitely want to tick off the bucket list (being gang-banged, doing more watersports, and eventually taking a fist, to name a few). But one thing I had always had at the top of my list was just being able to participate in or even just attend an orgy. And thanks to the Soxster parties, I finally got to tick off that achievement.

I had previously attended the Brisbane Soxster Party in May, but as I have a lot of personal commitments in my life, I wasn’t able to attend in June. But this past July 12th, I got to come back for my second Soxster Party, and I had a blast.

First arriving is always nerve-wracking. The fear of the unknown always gets to you in some capacity. Who might be there, what might go down, if any of the men will actually like you and want to play with you. Lots of questions. Lots of anxiety. And on the elevator ride up, you find yourself questioning whether you’re even going to participate, or simply turn around and run for the door. 

Strangely enough, I found myself more nervous for this party than I was the first time around. But thankfully, some of my anxiousness was put at ease after seeing some familiar and friendly faces from the previous parties. (Note to self: don’t be so obvious about standing on your own, Daddy Soxster likes to throw you in the deep end and bring you to other circles to socialise haha. But hey, it helps to alleviate the anxiety). It’s a really nice way to start the evening, fully clothed and just chatting and getting to know the other guys there.

And then, the real fun begins. Everyone goes and changes and the next thing you know, it’s nothing but jockstraps (which for me is literally heaven). Oh and if you’re super unlucky, as soon as you all get undressed, the fire alarm in the whole building will go off! (Now THAT was awkward lmao).

But once that was settled, it was straight into making out, sucking cocks, and immediately bent over one of the beds. I managed to take three different guys’ cocks that night, which was super fun. Highlights for me add to be staring into Daddy Soxster’s eyes while he fed me amyl and watched me get fucked from the guy behind me, another would be Daddy Soxster holding me in mid-air while he rubbed his fingers against my prostate (whoo that felt incredible), and lastly would be spending the entire rest of the night having fun with one particularly handsome guy (who I’ve now officially gone on a date with! So I’d call it a success).

Everyone at the Soxster parties has been so welcoming and fun and totally genuine. It’s a place where you can be unabashedly yourself, and enjoy all of your kinks without any fear of judgement. Once you’re there, all the questions and anxiety you had just melts away. And I’ll forever be grateful to Soxster for not only creating and accommodating that place, but also for bringing me under his wing and into the fold. And Daddy Soxster has also suggested that I should be the first Brisbane recipient of a proper Soxster gangbang. So wow, my wildest dream might just come true!

Until then, I’ve got a lot of “training” to do. And a lot more Soxster parties to attend. 

If you’ve read this far, thanks for reading. And if you’re anything like me and wanted to attend one of these parties but were too afraid to ask, just do it. Send that message, and throw caution to the wind. I’ve always believed that if there’s something you want that you believe will make you happy, you should reach for it. I was completely afraid to ask for permission to join. But I just said “fuck it” and hit send. And I’m so very glad I did.