A review by Ryan of the Melbourne June Pups in Space party. You can see Ryan in the pic above sucking cock. Enjoy!


With experience I’ve come to appreciate the value of quality over quantity. And so, a high quality Soxster partywith just the right number of attendees to not feel crowded in Soxster studio was just the ticket! Pups in space was precisely placed to perfect my week.

Commencing at a civilized hour: midafternoon on a Sunday, the commute out is comfortable. The friend I was travelling with (thanks for the lift) joked with me that after many parties, neither of us knew the apartment number by heart yet, but we’re grateful that Soxster will always warmly sing out over the intercom to remind you which button to punch in the elevator.

I learned I had a reputation for being the first one nakedwhich delighted me! But I only learned this because there was shock that I wasn’t this time. (I was a little cold, ok?) But I quickly warmed up as more guys arrived. I often feel awkward in group social environments because I’m faceblindand barely recognise anyone when they arrive, but I’ve never encountered a guy at a Soxster party who was anything less than a gentleman when I’ve asked him to reintroduce himself to me even if we’d spoken extensively online or at other parties. Today was no exception!

And that’s exactly why I value Soxster’s community so highly. Everyone makes a sincere effort to include everyone else and make room for difference. I was worried because this party had pups in the title and I’ve never identified as a pup or felt like I understood the way it worked, but I was told I was welcome regardless and I even got some tips from guys on how to order a pup hood online for the event. It didn’t arrive in time, but no one minded, and I was still included by all the guys (in pup hoods or bare-faced) to join in when I tentatively tried barking at the doorbell or ‘woof’-ing appreciatively at hot action on the bed between some sexy exhibitionistic show-offs. That’s just the vibe, you’re welcome and respected even if your brain doesn’t work, or if you’re the only person in line for pizza who doesn’t own a pup hood yet. It’s a special feeling! Speaking of Special, I feel compelled to shout out @GayFitnessSeth who you can find on Twitter, he was a real star at the party! His vocal enthusiasm for everything going on, around, and inside him was inspiring and brought a warmth to the room. He exudes pride and embodies the celebration of freely expressed sexuality that these parties are for! I hope you, dear reader, get to come try a taste for yourselves soon!