Wet is a sauna in Brisbane – just outside the CBD. Krypt went for his first visit this weekend and I asked him to write it up…

As requested by Mr.Soxster I’ll start by giving a brief description of myself. For the purpose of anonymity I’ll go by Krypt, I am a 6ft wide stance young man of 24 years and unlike most guys my age I am the opposite of a twink (large, hairy and bear-like lol), something different but important to note is while I am usually a brunette I have actually currently dyed my hair blue because let me make something clear, I am not usually an adventurous person.

For me a typical weekend consists of just chilling out at home and playing some games, I’m not even that much of a socialite really, but I decided this year I would change that and have done stuff that is normally out of my comfort zone or something I’ve always wanted to do but never done.

This is my newest adventure in this mindset, as when I found out my friend had just moved to around the block from Wet in Brisbane I knew it was time for me to finally try something like it.

I have NEVER been to any sort of kink event or group sex experience, the most I’ve done was a 3 way and even then I was only there for a small amount of time, so I was extremely nervous when me and my friend walked into the venue and once we paid our entry fee, changed to just having a towel and after my friend showed me around and left me to do his own thing I was stunned, never have I been in a situation where so many guys were together naked with the intent of getting each other off, to the point where I had to go chill in the spa bath until I could calm down from the panic attack I was experiencing.

Once I had calmed down and went around I began to actually have fun and enjoy myself and get lost in the moment, one minute I was watching two guys go at it in the maze, the next jerking off in full view in the porn room section (honestly I think I’ve discovered and exhibition kink I didn’t know I had up to this point) and then my favourite part of being in the gloryhole section going from having my cock sucked, to fucking a really good ass (which I’m annoyed he didn’t want to be sucked cause DAMN the dude was a horse) to sucking cock myself (also realised I liked having guys pull my hair while sucking them off, who would have thought XD).

The only sort of downsides were that there was 0 social aspect, and it honestly put me off a lot. As someone on the spectrum it’s hard for me to read people and sometimes I need people to be very direct with what they want. As such I had to really guess what guys wanted when they were watching me or indicated they wanted me to do something. One instance was this really hot muscle bodybuilder daddy in the porn room, Ass up and clearly wanting to be bred, so I did lol.

What I didn’t realize is he wanted me to finish in him. Meanwhile I thought it was the other way since he didn’t say anything so he was kinda annoyed when I shot my load on his back after but in my defense he said nothing so I didn’t know.

All in all i had a really decent time and will probably go again in the future, but after experiencing that i am even more excited for my first Soxster party this upcoming week as it will be a similar experience, but from what i’ve heard way more social and welcoming which will help my nerves and confidence way more.

TLDR; Would I recommend trying it if you are unsure? Yes, even if you end up hating it (which i doubt if you are looking up this sort of review) You’ve at least tried something new, however if the lack of socializing is putting you off like it did me i would definitely recommend trying to reach out to Soxster as he has already made me feel welcomed and I know I will feel safe and apart of the group when I go to my first party (which I will probably be asked to make a review too so feel free to keep an eye out for that 😉 ).

– Krypt

Photo from the August Melb Soxster Party