Last night we had a Soxster party in Brisbane – and Krypt attended for the first time. This is his write up:


Right where do I even begin?

You would think that me, a 24 year old, blue haired, 6ft wide stance cub who’s had plenty of sex before, topped plenty of guys and has dabbled in some basic dom/sub play wouldn’t be nervous or afraid of coming to an event like this right?


I arrived just after the opening time of 6:15 to the two bedroom hotel room in Brisbane where the party was hosted, and as instructed by Mr.Soxster I brought some snacks, drinks and a towel and was the 2nd person to arrive and yet I’m already sweating buckets from how nervous I was. But the amazing Mr.Soxster quickly welcomed me in and instantly made me feel warm, welcomed and excited to meet people.

Pretty quickly more people turned up and WOW they were all hot as hell, like I’m talking all kinds of shapes and sizes and extremely attractive. Now normally I would be panicked thinking “Yeah there’s no way I will fit in here” but every guy was super welcoming and easy to talk to and quickly I found myself easily being able to easily chat with all the guys and introducing myself without feeling out of place, which for someone like me who is on the spectrum and has the social skills of a potato it felt so amazing to just be able to relax and not worry about fitting in or being annoying.

Pretty quickly it got to the main event once all 17 of us were there and ready to go and before I knew it everyone was down to their jockstraps and the fun really began. This part was where my panic rose up again because even though I’m there in my sexy jockstrap and having a bottle of amyl hanging around my neck, ready to huff I was still feeling a bit out of place and for a small bit I had to just watch what was happening around me (which trust me, was extremely hot XD). I think Mr.Soxster could tell I was worried again though because before I could even think about anything negative he had me pinned up against the wall and was making out with me (and ooh he’s a good kisser would highly recommend).

Once he had helped me get into the mood and I started to have fun with the other guests I was having an absolute blast. For the first time in my life I felt like I could actually embrace my sexual wants and needs and not feel uncomfortable asking. If I wanted to try being fucked I had plenty of amazing dicks who were eager to try (shoutout to the amazing lean sexy WELL hung top who worked my hole and attempted it, sadly I need to work on getting it used to taking stuff still BUT I WILL BE FUCKED EVENTUALLY XD) and it didn’t just end there, there was so much variety in the bottoms to choose and the guys I ended up fucking I never would have thought I would have had the chance too (even if we did have a small incident where I accidentally unclipped someone’s harness trying to hold it while fucking him, instead of being upset or annoyed we just laughed it off and moved on to the next fun thing).

My personal highlight was easily me being throat fucked. I’m just chilling out and giving one Mr.Soxster some head and I had a thought thinking “You know, I’ve always wanted to see what it felt like being rough handled a little”, so shyly I asked him if he could be a bit rough with me (just so i can see what it was like), what I didn’t expect was for him to slap me, make me lie on my back with my head and have him and another go to town on my throat…

…I was in fucking heaven.

While I had always had thoughts about being more of a submissive role I’ve never had the real chance too before, but just in that short time frame while he was pounding my throat all I could think was both “What else could I do to please” and mostly “MORE.” (even now writing this I’m rock hard and leaking from the memory lol).

It didn’t just end there too, for those of you who want to try more kink stuff but either don’t feel confident doing so or are worried about safety, these events would be the perfect place for you. During the whole night there were all sorts of kinks to watch and join in on from fisting to flogging and even sounding. The reason I say this is while I didn’t get a chance to do the first two but only watched (however next time i definitely wanna try both fisting someone, and being flogged just to try it) I did get to try the sounding, and wow it felt different but good and when I came holy crap did it felt amazing. Not to mention as well that I had amazing guidance and assistance to ensure I was both knowing how to clean the rod and prepare it, but also how to use it and what it felt like and even though you would think it would hurt to have a rod shoved in your dick, I had never felt more safer and good at the same time.

Before I knew it, it was already 10pm, and I was shocked. Not only had the time flown so fast but I didn’t want the fun to end (of course I had to catch a train back to the Gold Coast so not like I had a choice sadly), so after helping to clean up the hotel room so the staff would never know what hot as fuck shenanigans happened that night, I left to catch the train back home.

All in all on my train ride back, I was sore, I was tired, but I had a fucking blast and words cannot describe how excited I am to be able to go to the next event and have even more fun in the future.

A final note for those who are reading this and honestly wondering should you go? Well first off 110% yes you would have a fucking blast, but also remember that you don’t need to feel shy, everyone at these parties all share the same goal of have the party being a fun safe place to just relax and let loose, so instead of overthinking things, just go to the first hot guy you see and get busy making out with him ;).