Living in Brisbane, I miss the kinky Melbourne events. But while I have left Melbourne, people have moved there.  Here we have Pup Cipher writing up his first public kink performance. 😈


Hi there! I’m @pupciphermelb (, I’m an early 30s kinkster who’s recently returned to living in Melbourne. I’ve been playing with kink for about six years now and have a range of interests – what I’m enjoying about being back in a big city is the really active queer/fetish community and the awesome, hot, friendly people who contribute to that. This blog is about my first time being at a public (!) kink event and how playing with a great group of guys in front of a live audience made me feel confident and validated about myself and my kinks.

When a friend invited me to come along to the Folsom: Descent into Desire event ( at Melbourne Fringe, I was initially nervous; the idea of potentially performing in front of other kinky people and the general public who’d signed up to watch the event was a big step. This Fringe event had several live demonstrations of kinks in different areas of the play space – rope bondage, puppies, rubber and leather in the upstairs area, and fisting and watersports downstairs for the more adventurous onlookers. In keeping with the festival’s themes it was an educational and artistic experience, with QR codes posted around the walls linking to written and audio explorations of what these kinks were and why people found them so enjoyable. Members of the public who signed up to the event were wandering around, watching performances and asking questions (more on that below) but were not participating directly in the activities. The attendees had to fully agree to venture down to the more sexually explicit scenes (fisting and watersports) but I was struck by how many chose to experience something completely new.

I started the afternoon as a demonstration puppy and had a lot of fun playing with the other pups (and occasional handler) who came in and out of the space. Since we were in full view of the street the play had to be wholesome, friendly and PG-rated, which meant I got surprisingly competitive at tug of war. But I soon made my way downstairs to the watersports boys, where the lovely Urban Dingo mentioned that some extra “ammunition” might be required for the later demonstration sessions. Not wanting to disappoint the six or seven extremely hot men who were in various combinations of peeing on and in each other all afternoon, I soon got to work drinking water and cider…

Piss play is a big kink for me and so much of the audio monologue ( that accompanied the performances at Fringe resonated with why I find it so hot and satisfying. Watersports is about service and submission, domination and objectification, certainly – but also about trust and connection, play and exploration, and seeing the funny side of standing around in a group doing the “I need to pee” dance because you’re busting but don’t perform for another 15 minutes. The play area featured an inflatable pool where people would kneel, stand or sit; some who were only dominant remained outside to contribute from the sidelines. As an enthusiastic urinal pup and switch, I had an absolute blast across three sessions in two hours with the group – pissing all over “The Boss” in his full work suit, drinking loads from more dicks than I can remember, and finishing the afternoon spending several minutes soaking a certain dingo alongside three or four other boys. Participating in the event showed me that there were so many fun, friendly guys who shared my kink: we made out and got frisky in the pools, dried off together, and lamented the disappearance of dedicated watersports events in Melbourne (RIP Club80, I never knew thee). It was also incredibly validating to be told that I looked hot in rubber, and that I was doing a good job as a urinal – I came away more confident in myself and more eager to grow and support the community.