A write up from a first timer – the Melbourne March party…

So, where to begin…

I’ve known Soxster for many years and over that time he has tried his best to get me to come to his parties, and while interested, I’ve never been comfortable enough within myself to actually gain the confidence to go. 

As a 28 year old who has always been bigger, I’ve always shied away from being a part of the gay scene and the beauty standards that (at least In my mind) most in that community uphold. 

In my mind I went into the event telling myself that I can just watch, I don’t have to participate and if I don’t like it, I can leave. This was, of course reiterated by Sox, and given that I was nervous, I was asked if I wanted to come in a bit earlier before all the boys arrived to get used to the space. That initial thought of non-participation, and leaving – Didn’t remain long.

My experience at the party broke all of my preconceived notions of what it’s like to be surrounded by other queer men. Sox has always been my safety bear and in the beginning of the night I leaned on him heavily to help me stay grounded and not let my anxiety get the better of me. He provided plenty of cuddles and gentle encouragement of the other boys to make out with me to ease me into interacting.

My first sexual interaction actually happened when Sox left me to my own devices, I ended up on my knees, blowing one of the boys there. He promptly finished in my mouth, and from that moment I was so excited to interact with everyone.

While initially hesitant, that initial anxiety melted away. I began interacting with more and more of the boys and this eventually this lead to me laying on top of Sox with 4 guys taking turns rimming me. Everyone else watched on as my expression of pleasure changed with each individual tongue.

I felt incredibly safe, and comfortable walking around completely naked and looking at everything that was going on, which is a foreign thing for me. I was always asked before anything sexual took place, even if that boy had previously been sucking my cock, everyone always confirmed that what was happening was good. 

I finished my night by getting in the sling and having Sox eat my ass, taking the grand feast of my hole to a total of 5 men.

The night itself was concluded by myself making out with a cute boy in the sling who was getting fisted, and then Sox in the sling taking the toy that I donated to him that night (aptly named after me, “Oberon”). I’m proud to say, as one of the biggest toys in the arsenal. It was great fun and very sensual to feel the pleasure Sox was getting as he got a solid 6-7cm past the tip before cumming. 

After this wonderful night of shenanigans, we all got dressed and either went home or went to dinner. 

In conclusion, while I didn’t cum last night, it was one of the most relaxed, sensual, sexual and liberating experiences of my life. I felt so safe, so desired and appreciated. Everyone that I interacted with was playful, but incredibly respectful. I went home entirely satisfied and really excited to attend future events.

And to any boys who are considering coming to a party, but are afraid that they might not fit in, or not have the right body type. Trust me, you have nothing to fear!