A review of the Brisbane May Soxster Stretch party 🙂


The Soxster party in May isn’t my first one, but I always spend the day beforehand exited in anticipation, it’s always different, and even though fisting isn’t my kink really, I always enjoy warming up the fisting bottoms. The parties always start with about an hour just chatting and catching up which I like because that’s how I’ve made friends from the parties, that and my anatomy (lol) it’s a great way to get ready for sex and way better than a regular hook up. At these parties you can pretty much fulfil any kink, there’s always someone into it, and even if you just like vanilla sex there’s always plenty going on you can join in with or watch if that’s what you like, and they guys are always open and non-judgemental, all body types are welcome. This party was fisting focused, the sling was very popular and set at an excellent height for it, the new lighting was a great choice making the party and almost darkroom environment and maintaining the mood. I was able to try a new bottom for me, J who’s such a sweetie, and of course I hooked up with R again who’s a great guy with an excellent and tasty ass, and I finally got fucked by B, which is something I’ve been working towards, hopefully next party I can collect a few loads, but I do enjoy being a reliable top, since the parties are always needing more tops, but more of everyone is always welcome and I highly recommend to any guy who likes sex and isn’t inclined to create drama 😜