For the Melbourne May party I set the theme as “Silent Stretch” as I wanted to host a party with a little less conversation and a little more focus on soft lighting, sexy music and really helping people open their holes. We ended up with eighteen guys – mostly in their twenties and early thirties.

When I first fucked Peter he was an adorable teenager – he’s older and wider now. 😈 Probably wiser as well but definitely wider. 😜 This is his write up of the party…


Soxster hit me up a couple of weeks ago with an offer to come to the Silent Stretch May event. After being a long time (regretful) no shower to Soxster events, I knew I had to put all my self doubt to the side (finally) and make an appearance – and god damn I’m glad I did!

The promise of the event was a quiet and relaxed stretching session and I think it well and truly hit the mark. Going into it, I tried to limit my expectations but was hoping after years of playing with toys I’d finally manage to take my first fist. 

After a little bit of casual mingling in the lounge (centred around a blindfolded & glad wrapped straight boy) which probably unsurprisingly included a healthy amount of train chat (it is an event hosted by Soxster after all), Soxster kicked off the fun of the evening by presenting what I assume is the gay equivalent of the Olympic flame – a 12” (maybe more) girthy asf dildo. 

Shortly thereafter I was approached by the sweetest pup I’ve had the pleasure of meeting offering to lend me a hand, to which I excitedly accepted. I positioned myself over our glad wrapped furniture side by side with another boy receiving a good work over from Soxster and we got started. 

This pup got started on me with an enthusiastic rimming that immediately had my eyes rolling back in pleasure, what a great start. Being positioned over the straight boy and laying right on top of his cock, it was amazing to feel his cock twitch as I moaned – I definitely think our piece of furniture was enjoying himself almost as much as me. 

After a healthy amount of rimming we moved to some stretching, and I felt more ready than ever and in safe hands to get started. This pups technique was amazing. They caressed my body and went from one finger, to two, to three, and responded to my cues instantly. I could tell they had a beautiful technique and the way my hole was opening up proved it. 

The stretch felt absolutely amazing, and sitting here writing this I’m rock hard just thinking about the experience. They slowly increased the pressure on my hole and finally I felt him go over that threshold to get their fist in me. My mind was blown, goosebumps went through my body all over, I was in absolute heaven. 

The rest of our hole play was a little bit of a blur, but every single second was bliss. When I went to get up it took me a second to recalibrate myself it was that intense for me, I loved it. Mission number one of taking my first fist was accomplished already!

After making me feel so amazing, it felt only right to repay the favour to this pup who happily got into the same position over the straight boy and let me go to town for a little while. As a very inexperienced top, I tried to put in the right techniques and hopefully I met the mark – but you’ll have to ask them if I’m ready to enter my vers era!

I spent a little bit of time moving back and forth from the lounge to the playroom seeing some of the other mischief everyone was getting up to, and damn there was some sexy play happening in every corner. 

Some amazingly deep play by another first time fist top and some stunning fist bottoms had me hard as a rock and in awe of the skills on show, definitely some goals I’m keen to achieve in time on display last night. 

Before too long Soxster propositioned me and got himself into the sling, wanting to see if I could get my fist into him to which I more than happily obliged. I heard another boy describe Soxster as a bossy bottom last night, and have to say that assessment was well and truly correct! But, given my inexperience topping, it was absolutely welcomed. 

Following his lead I worked my way up finger by finger and before long managed to work my fist into him as he stroked his beautiful big cock in front of me. The feeling of his tight hole wrapping around my hand was phenomenal, I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did but damn that was a good first hole to experience topping. Seeing him blow a big load over his chest with my hand inside him was the icing on the cake for me, second mission accomplished for the night.

Now my hole had rested for a little while I was primed for what I hoped would be my second fist of the night. I got positioned on the playroom bed and my next top made quick work of lubing up my hole perfectly and began opening me back up. By this time of the night I was well and truly relaxed, and it didn’t take long before he got his fist deep inside me. At this point in the write up I don’t have the adjectives to describe the bliss that I was feeling. Where my first fist was probably slow and relaxed, for my second I felt more comfortable to work up the speed and intensity which was well and truly delivered. 

I felt him increase his speed and felt the ridges of his fist pushing in and out of me beautifully. With the other boy in the sling next to me, it could only be described as a symphony of moans coming out of the playroom as we both got our holes worked over. Again, pure bliss all round. 

After another good bit of being fisted it was time to take a bit of a break again, which I spent sucking a delicious cock in between a nice bit of making out. It was a perfect way to round out a perfect night. 

I’ll definitely be back for a round 2, if for no other reason than the need to make sure I take Soxster’s fist next time I come around. We had two attempts throughout the night, but given his hands are fucking massive, it’s gonna take a bit more practice before I manage to get them in me – but make no mistake, it will happen!