Soxster Centre

We’d like to introduce you to the Soxster Centre, your oasis of anal massage, relaxation and pleasure. We are still testing the concept to perfect the experience, and aren’t taking commercial clients at this time. So, consider this a sneak preview.

The Soxster Centre specializes in anal massage. It’s a different experience to what you might expect. At the Soxster Centre, our technicians remain fully clothed. We offer a relaxed, safe and secure environment for you to relax and enjoy the sensations that our experienced staff provide. Whether it’s small toys and fingers, or serious stretching we can provide what you are looking for.


What can I expect?

Many guests of the Soxster Centre are surprised by our design and decor. Our location is light and bright, spotlessly clean, and decorated mainly in white. A green wall and numerous plants deliver a restful atmosphere consistent with a day spa.

If it’s your first time visiting the Soxster Centre you’ll be asked to complete a quick questionnaire on arrival to help us ensure you have the best possible experience. The questionnaire covers your level of experience, your expectations and makes sure we know what you are after. We also make sure we are aware of any health issues you may have so we can accommodate them appropriately. 

Your Soxster technician will then show you the range of toys and devices available and help you select five toys for your session. A range of toys are available in silicone, rubber, steel and glass. All toys are boiled or thoroughly disinfected between sessions, with no toy available for reuse within 48 hours. Due to the difficulty in sterilizing rubber toys these will have condoms fitted to them before use. Generally a range of toys in various materials will work the best but it is a matter of personal preference. You can select more than five toys for a small additional fee.  

For hygiene purposes we generally discourage clients from bringing their own toys. However, if there is one or two special toys from your own collection you wish to use please ensure they are spotlessly clean before you arrive. At the end of the session they will be rinsed returned to you in a plastic bag. We are unable to sterilize them before returning them to you. Guests who bring their own toys generally do so to help them relax (a toy they know they can take) or a larger toy they are working towards being able to take.  

If you have a special toy you would like to store with us we can arrange to keep it secure exclusively for your use (monthly fees apply) or you can donate it to our collection for use by you and other clients.  

There are a number of options available for your session: 


You can choose to have Porn showing during your session on an overhead screen. You can either elect to bring your favorite dvd or a usb stick. We sometimes encounter technical issues with some media provided by our visitors so please accept our apologies if we cannot play yours. We have a selection of films available, including heterosexual, bisexual and gay titles. 


You can elect to watch a close up view of your ass being worked over. A camera can capture your session and watch it on the screen live. Some of our clients will be offered the chance to purchase a copy of their session. This will be forwarded to them later. Clients can also agree to have their sessions uploaded online. Sessions do not included faces. 


We offer a range of music options. Talk with your technician to find out about setting the mood that’s right for you. 


Warmed for Your Pleasure
With our Sous-vide bath we can make sure toys are at the right temperature for your ass. It’s a simple thing that makes for a great session. We find that 50 degrees celsius makes for a pleasurable session. 


Room Set Up
There are a few options available. Most clients prefer to use the sling where you will enjoy an experience similar to being in a hammock with leg supports ensuring you can relax and let yourself go limp during the session. Alternatively, you can try the bench or a bed where you can relax on your hands and knees. 


What happens next?
After you select your toys you will be shown to our gleaming bathroom to undress and shower. A sterilized douche is available and a quick rinse is advisable. If you don’t have experience douching please ask the technician for advice. We strongly encourage you to douche lightly to avoid retaining water. Leave your clothes in the shower and return to the room for your session. Keep your towel on – a fresh towel will be provided to you after the session. 


Things can go wrong
Ass play comes with a number of risks. Our technicians have been recruited based on their considerable experience with anal play. However, everyone is different. During heavy ass play, even experienced players can have small amounts of blood. At the first sign of blood, the technican will let you know. If there is only a small amount of blood, the technician will give you the choice as to whether you wish continue. If there are larger amounts of blood present then the session will be ended. This is solely the decision of the technician. Ultimately YOU are responsible for your own safety and we expect you to stop the session if you have any concerns. 


Shit happens….sometimes
If during a session things get a little brown the technician will advise you and will normally offer the choice between continuing, ending the session or douching. In any event this is a perfectly normal occurrence and you shouldn’t worry about it. 


After the Session
After the session we want you to relax. You’ll probably be feeling extremely chilled out and there’s no need to rush. The technician will wipe most of the lube off you. We suggest you lay there while the technician tidies the room and sanitizes the toys that have been used. When you’re ready, head to the shower. Take your time under the warm water and get dressed. Before you depart you have the option of getting a card that documents the toys you took during the session. 


First timer?
If you haven’t had much experience then we can give you a great time. We would recommend you pick a few smaller toys – we’d recommend a few small steel ones, a butt plug and a small dildo. The technician will go slow and give you all the time you need. 


Extremely advanced
If your hole needs a really work out then we can provide a heavy massage that includes everything up to fisting. If you have been working towards taking a fist we can help you get there. 


Questions and Answers


How long does the session go for?
Sessions generally last for two hours from the time of arrival to when you leave. In that time you can expect around half the time to include massage


Is this for gay men?
No. Many people of all sexual persuasions enjoy ass massage. As Soxster technicians remain clothed we’ve found many straight men enjoy our services.


Can I get a female technician?
At the moment our technicians are male but we are considering expanding to female technicians in the near future.


Can you teach me to get fisted?
Yes. Our technicians can assess you and recommend toys for you to practice at home.


Can sessions for two people be arranged?
Yes. We offer sessions for multiple guests either sharing a technician or with two separate technicians. If you wish to have someone observe your massage that can also be accommodated.


Can I hire the Soxster Centre for private play?
Yes. Contact us for details 


Do your technicians wear gloves?
Yes. Technicians wear gloves and change their shirts and shorts between every session. 


Is there an age limit?
You must be eighteen to pay for a session at the Soxster centre. If you are above the age of consent in Victoria (sixteen years or over) we can put you in touch with people we know to be good with toys and are good tutors. Eighteen and nineteen year olds are eligible for discounts. 


Can I bring nipple clips, a cock ring, ball stretcher?
Yes. You are welcome to bring these items. We also have some available for purchase. 


Can I wear a jockstrap or other clothing?
Yes. You are welcome to bring these items. 


How old are your technicians?
Our technicians are aged between 18 and 50. 


Can I choose my technician?
No. However, if you have a technician during your session you liked you can request to see them again. Otherwise technicians are randomly assigned. 


Why would I pay a professional to do this?
We have the toys, knowledge and equipment to deliver a high quality experience that you deserve. It’s also about pampering yourself – like any massage it’s designed to be a little self indulgent and focus on your pleasure. 


Can I wear a puppy hood?
Sure you can, pup. Whose a good boy? You are. Yes, you are. Good dog. 


What do I say if I can’t take anymore?
Just say “out” at any point in the session and the technician will immediately remove the item from your butt. This should give you the confidence to push yourself a little further knowing that ultimately YOU are in control. 


Will the technician engaged in role play?
While you can ask, we do not engage in role play as a general rule. 


Drugs or alcohol?
Participants must not be drunk or drug effected. In general, if you’re not sober enough to be able to drive, you will be refused for a session. We ask everyone to respect these rules. One or two standard drinks to calm your nerves is fine – any more than that is inappropriate. 


What if I cum quickly?
Well that’s kind of awesome you’re having such a good time. It’s your choice whether to finish the session, continue or take a quick break. Either way, the amount of time you have booked will be unchanged. 


Is it expensive?
The Soxster Centre is expensive to operate. With high cleaning standards it takes time between sessions. A typical session also involves several thousands of dollars worth of equipment. 


Do I tip?
There is no need to tip and it is not expected. If you wish to leave a gratuity it will be kept solely by the technician. 


Do you have a fucking machine?
Yes. Our technicians can help adjust it for you and then hand the controls over to you.


Is this legal?
Yes. The Soxster centre is a venue available for rent. We only recommend trusted licensed sex workers. Sex work is legal in the State of Victoria. 


What about lube?
We offer a choice of lubes. In all cases a fresh bottle or tub of lube will be used for each session. You are welcome to take any left over at the end of your session. 


Is it safe to share toys?
Yes. All toys used during a session are sterilized and sanitized. Metal, glass and silicone toys are washed in a solution of soap and bleach, boiled and then dried. Rubber toys are only used with condoms on them, and are then washed in soap, soaked in bleach and left to air dry. Rubber toys are not reused for at least 48 hours between sessions. 


What if I don’t want to share toys or keep the toys I use?
A range of toys are available for purchase prior to your session. These toys have not been used before. You can either take them with you, store them with us for your next session (monthly fee applies) or donate them to the collection for use by other people. 


What payment methods do you accept?
This will have to be discussed with the sex worker we refer you to. 


What about aftercare?
Our technicians can advise you on aftercare and suggest some good online resources.