More Greg pics….

More pics from Greg’s last shoot.  He took a range of sounds long and deep.  🙂 Fun session. And yes, he did take out his Prince Albert before the sounding commenced. Also, don’t you love boys wearing ties?  

Greg is Back

For those of you who prefer your young men to look like men, Greg has been back for another shoot – complete with Prince Albert.

Sounding out Greg

Some more pics from Greg’s second shoot. He is 20 and if you like your young guys to be young men rather than boys, then Greg is the guy for you. He is into older guys (his boyfriend is quite a bit older than him) and really got into this scene…..even when...

Greg’s TT and CBT

Anyone for nipple play? Greg is back for some nipple play and some CBT. The session involved nipple clips, a pinwheel, a parachute ball stretcher, spreader bar, harness, hood, sound and candle wax. The highlight was when he had the sound deep inside him, and every...


Greg is a talented, versatile 20 year old who loves older guys, and loves things up his butt. In this toy time session he was opened up. Not entirely successfully – his ass was really really tight. But he really enjoyed showing off and is looking forward to...