I’m Andrew Soxster – thanks for checking out Soxster.com

I’m Australian and have been into BDSM and exploring other aspects of sexuality for more than twenty years. I started soxster.com because I’ve always enjoyed taking photos of my various exploits and I love exploring human sexuality.

When doing BDSM I tend to play with guys younger than myself who are beginners or who have limited experience. I love to teach and educate people about the various things that are possible. There’s nothing more fun than training an inexperienced boy into a confident fuck toy who has the confidence to walk into a room with a group of horny men and make sure everyone has a wonderful time.

I’m not generally into 24/7 sessions. I believe that BDSM is a short term escape from every day life. It is an opportunity to try new things – not only new physical acts but also new ways to connect emotionally with other people.

I love travel and you can expect to find me regularly in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America.

I have an amazing partner who lets me indulge my interests in kinky fun with others – he’s incredible. While I might tie up boys, he’s tied up my heart with emotional bonds that are inescapable. 🥰

I’m an adorkable bear with a thick cock who loves to take charge. I don’t have a ‘suck my cock, bitch’ attitude but I expect my subs to obey. Feel free to disobey and see what happens. It will be fun for both of us.

I’ve always been very liberal with advice, please email me any questions or observation to soxster@soxster.com and I will endeavor to post up an answer. .

If you are interested in filming a scene, feel free to get in touch. We are not currently paying to film sessions – just doing it for fun! Yes, you can wear a mask. We prefer filming younger guys who know how to moan, laugh and have a good time. Enthusiasm is incredibly sexy.

I host three kinds of parties in Melbourne and Brisbane;

  • Pizza Party: These relaxed play parties are as much social as they are sexual. Between 15 and 50 guys who relax and hang out, normally with a DJ, occasionally with video games, always with pizza, drinks and chilling. Invitation to these parties is normally based on referral from existing guests. The guests tend to be between 18 and 45 and we aim to have a spread of ages. Melbourne: not accepting new people. Brisbane: accepting new people.
  • Gangbangs: These parties have a slightly more hardcore vibe with one guy blindfolded in the sling taking on between 12 and 30 tops. Competition to be the bottom is fierce with a waitlist, so we are only looking for tops. Apply here. If you’re young and want to be politely destroyed in a supportive way then we don’t want to mislead you – we already have a wait list of exceptional young men. I really encourage people who want to experience being gangbanged to set up their own session and you can find some tips for that on my site. Melbourne & Brisbane: Looking for tops. 
  • Fisting & Toy Sessions: These are relaxed sessions where we take turns in the sling with a focus on ass stretching. To be considered for this you need to have either taken a fist, given a fist or have a long term interest in fisting and a clear desire to learn. We are ok with beginners to fisting, but ideally you will have taken some large toys in your hole. Young guys welcomed. Melbourne: not looking for new people, Brisbane: accepting new people.

We do take photos at the events, but in most cases without faces. We will never post your face without asking for permission first. It’s kinda fun for boys to look at photos and realise “hey, that’s my hole taking that thick cock”.

Just a few words about the ethos of my events. I really try to cultivate a friendly atmosphere. I’m looking for boys who understand that they must focus on helping other people to have a good time, as well as on their own pleasure. I’m after people who enjoy talking with others and making a connection. Creating a friendly, no pressure, event is extremely important to me – if you want to attend a party and just focus on physical fun then that’s awesome but you won’t be a good fit for my events. More information on parties: https://soxster.com/what-you-need-to-know-before-attending-a-soxster-event/

The Soxster Centre is located in Melbourne’s CBD and is very easy to get to by public transport. Brisbane events will be held close to the CBD withi walking distance of a station so horny boys from across SEQ can easily attend.