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Show me your cock…

Posted on Jan 22, 2016

Check out the photos below that were submitted by a fan….I think I’d like a few more.  🙂  If you have a few spare minutes please don’t fight the urge to write on your cock and email it to so it can be posted here. Bonus points for creative and interesting places.  😉 Oh and make sure you comment on the cocks that have been...

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Sex and Immortality

Posted on Jun 9, 2012

I’m often asked for my opinion on what constitutes good porn. I think it’s fair to say that I’ve seen more than my fair share, and I’ve certainly made more than my fair share. A former flatmate of mine used to refer to himself as a “Pornoisseur”. He had a massive collection of VHS porn and I learned a lot from him about classic films and what makes a porn film great. The amount of porn being produced has exploded – but the number of truly great films remains pretty small. The amount of funding that a film has rarely impacts on how good it is. There is that indefinable ‘x-factor’ that applies when everything just works. My favourite porn scenes change with my tastes. A note to all the younger guys out there – your tastes in porn...

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American Navy Boys and Lard

Posted on Jun 7, 2012

If you are in any of the photos on this web page I’ve linked to below of American navy boys climbing a giant phallus covered in lard, get in touch: And seriously America – you’ve been doing this for years and it’s only now you are letting gays and lesbians serve openly?  Hil-arious. Australia and Canada have let gays and lesbians openly serve for twenty years. Just saying.  🙂  I still remember fondly some group sex I once had where some Australian naval officers and I pounded a young twink into submission. Awesome.

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