Soxster Studio

 If you are visiting Melbourne, consider renting the Soxster Studio. 

The Soxster Studio is a large studio apartment located within Melbourne’s free tram zone. Equipped with a kitchen, washing machine and other amenities, it’s perfect for longer stays. Previous guests have included people who have moved to Melbourne and used it as a base while they found a permanent home, or people visiting Melbourne for an extended time. If you have guests over, they’ll regard it as a pretty normal apartment … unless of course you choose to open the locked door and show them the a sling equipped playroom 

We can arrange for you to use some of the Soxster collection of toys – whatever your fetish we can probably help. 

The rates for the Soxster Studio vary by season but start from $100 per night for week long bookings. It’s an affordable luxury. 

We offer bookings via major home sharing booking services for security and discretion.

The Soxster Studio includes:

– Queen size bed with a metal bed head and bed end

– Bathroom with bathtub and shower shot

– Choice of slings (cargo net four point, solid five point, three point)

– Fuck bench

– An antique 1912 gynaecological chair (made the same year as the Titanic)

– Leather chaise lounge

– Massage table

– Tripods and camera stands fitted with phone mounts so you can capture memories

– A vast arrange of fetish gear customised to the desires of the guest.

As it is located in a residential complex, the Soxster Studio is for a maximum of two guests and two visitors (four people in total max).

For more information please contact Andrew.