In preparation for William’s first session with me, I asked him write me an email documenting his fantasies. Here they are, along with my response.

I kind of like the idea of my balls being pressured or treated a little bit rough. But here goes – these are probably the fantasies I’ve thought about most:
1) Anonymous fucking. I am the property of a master (you) who dictate and arranges cocks to fuck me. I am blindfolded to protect my identity. I don’t know who they are, that is your choice. You tell me what they are, race, age etc… but I have little say. It’s not a money thing – but the idea of you prostituting me is part of the appeal.
2) Servant. Again blindfolded, I serve you and a select group at a party/event. My balls are bound – in fact I’m dressed however you want. I take order – like get under the table and service cock.
3) Medical. I’m laid out on a table with a sheet covering me other than genital and head.
I undergo a series of medical type play. Sounding, electro, ball massage and slaps, arse spread and examined – all with a doctor and a couple of assistants.
4) Beat. With a rope around my balls you lead me around a beat and order me to do what you want to who you want.
But they are just some thing that turn me on – I’ve never done any of them.
I guess I really need to be able to trust the person here. For these to work I would need to know you would have my safety as a priority.
Also, I really like cum – the idea of an arse or mouth full of cum really appeals. But the reality is how can you do this? Mouth is probably great but arse is just too dangerous, which is a shame.
I really want to push myself on all this – I feel like now is the time in my life to do it.
But I also want to hear what your fantasies are because the idea of fulfilling someone else’s sexual desires also really turns me on.

Here is my response to my newest fuck toy  😉

Option 1: Anonymous fucking is fun. I love seeing one of my boys being able to take a pounding from a stranger.  That feeling of submission is enhanced when the whole incident is filmed and put online. When that happens it isn’t only the boy in the sling being fucked anonymously – but it’s every other sub in the world looking at that and enjoying the experience vicariously. That’s true submission. You have read what I arranged for Sacha – so you understand how it could work if I chose you to reward with a gang bang session.

Option 2: There is a real skill to being a servant – and slave boys who are asked to undertake domestic duties for me should take pride in doing them well. They are not being punished – they should see domestic tasks as them being able to demonstrate their usefulness and show their respect to their master. Blindfolded can work – but you’ll have to have your wits about you. The other scenario is simply to put you in a side room during a party and let everyone know they can go in and get blown if they feel like it.  It’s actually a bit more practical than having you under the table – which frankly can just get distracting. Far better for my guests to go to you and shoot a load down your throat. Not all of my friends would be happy being blown in front of other people – so it will generally result in you having more cock to suck. You’ll hear the laughter and merriment from the other rooms, and won’t be able to join the fun, and your head will swim with the realization that they could be laughing and talking about you (but probably not).

Option 3: Medical play is fun. Speculums, sounds, spreaders ass spreaders, mouth spreaders, etc.  I have a lot of stainless steel toys – some designed for sex and others designed for actual medical procedures. One of the keys to medical play is generally the feeling of helplessness. This can be assisted by strapping you to a table or tying you into a sling. This will generally be one on one, but expect video and photos of your genitals being worked over and tortured to be online. I often set up a camera the boy can lie there helpless as he watches his junk being toyed with on the big screen.

Option 4:  For those not familiar with the nomenclature, a beat is a public place where strangers meet for sex. Toilet blocks, parks, etc. I’m not really comfortable taking boys to beats for fun.  I prefer to play in a more controlled environment. I’m totally ok with taking you to a sex club and leading you around on a collar and lead and making you service guys. I’ll even tie you into a sling, hood you and let strangers take turns fucking your ass (and making sure it happens safely). It’s just safer and saner than doing things in a public park at night.

In terms of my fantasies, you have probably worked out by now that I really enjoy filming and photographing boys. I think that my desire to do this is actually quite complex and has a number of elements. The first is that I enjoy the opportunity of photographing and filming beautiful boys. I’ve been lucky enough to see many boys who were breathtakingly stunning and hot.  I think the second element is that it makes bondage more important if it has a life beyond the moment. I know there are people who enjoy the impermanence of many art forms – and the subsequent requirement to focus on the here and now. But I enjoy creating something more lasting. I like seeing photos of boys on their recon and gaydar profiles that I took of them years ago. I like keeping memories crisper with reminders of the session.  The element third is that it lets me exercise a level of control. If a boy submits in a session, or is a paid model in a formal shoot, then they are agreeing for their images to remain online forever. That’s a powerful thing.

In terms of ball play I have a range of toys and techniques. If you become a regular slave expect me to apply wax, heat packs, ball stretchers (in leather, metal, silicone, rubber, etc), ball crushers, rope bondage and lots, lots more. They key is to stay vocal – and know how to communicate when you are getting near your limit.